Tracking the Evolving Path of the Mobility Function

As the Employee Mobility function continues to evolve, are you positioned to support your organization’s greater talent strategy? According to our recent pulse survey, “The Growth of the Employee Mobility Function”, organizations report that the breadth of mobility programs is expanding.

The events of recent years have caused lasting impacts to the role of the Employee Mobility function. Employee mobility is more complex now than ever with remote work, virtual assignments, compliance challenges, and changing employee expectations for their mobility experience. Many organizations are reporting an expansion of the types of programs within Employee Mobility’s scope of responsibility.

SIRVA BGRS’ recent pulse survey, “The Growth of the Employee Mobility Function”, explores the changing role of the Mobility function, the skillsets needed to drive performance, and the new priorities that will drive Mobility’s alignment with business and HR objectives. The report will help answer questions including:

  • How do mobility leaders balance making a significant contribution to the organization’s talent agenda with the ongoing demands of managing existing programs?
  • What are the key considerations around the Employee Mobility function’s structure and remit?
  • As the Employee Mobility function evolves to become a strategic partner, what should be the most pressing priorities and mobility value proposition?

Download our pulse survey report for more about the Employee Mobility function’s evolution and how it can support your organization’s broader talent strategy.