Managing Mobility Transformation

Today’s workforce is more dynamic than ever, and mobility functions have never been so pressured to transform. BGRS’s Talent Mobility Trends Survey reports conclusively that talent mobility transformation is happening across industries.

BGRS’s white paper, Managing Talent Mobility Transformation is a practical guide providing talent mobility leaders with an adaptable blueprint and key considerations for managing change.


Constructing a compelling case substantiating the transformation initiative’s objectives, benefits, resources and budget is critical to receiving senior leadership and cross-functional support. BGRS’s 2017 Talent Mobility Trends “Building the Business Case for Mobility Transformation” white paper guides talent mobility leaders through assessing organizational readiness, garnering the support of internal stakeholders and offers practical advice to develop a company-specific business case.


Laying the groundwork for the plan, assessing feasibility and resource availability and identifying organizational aspects that may impact the plan and timing are integral. Pivotal steps include:

  • Mapping the current service delivery model
  • Understanding technology capabilities and data availability
  • Assessing risk


Outlining a detailed solution, establishing the required actions, detailing timelines and allocating the resources and budget to support the project work. Key aspects entail:

  • Delineating detailed solutions,
  • Documenting anticipated impact
  • Preparing to launch. In addition, solution readiness, resource alignment, and cost, among others, are all critical to success


Executing the plan and deliverables established in the prior design phase. Successful implementations include:

  • Project kick-off
  • Tested ways of managing progress
  • Documentation, training and communication


Finally, delivering designed solutions to customers and stakeholders, monitoring results to verify and showcase sustainable success and reviewing lessons learned will better enable the organization for future change initiatives.

Successful talent mobility transformation projects are multifaceted change journeys that are unique to every organization. Underpinning each successful project, however, is a solid framework supporting change initiative. For more details about leveraging this change methodology to guide mobility transformation in your organization, read our white paper, Managing Mobility Transformation.