Extended Business Travel: Leveraging Opportunities while Managing Risks

BGRS’s 2020 Talent Mobility Trends Extended Business Travel Pulse Survey explores organizations’ growing reliance on business travel in today’s globally connected business landscape against the backdrop of an increasingly complex legislative environment.

Evidence suggests that business travel is becoming more complex and costly. Additional legislation, such as revisions to the Posted Workers Directive and enhanced communication between enforcement agencies, are increasing the risk of penalty for non-compliance with tax and immigration obligations. For example, more than 55% of the survey participants confirmed that their global population of business travelers will increase over the next 24 months, while none predicted a decrease. In parallel, 80% believe that the legislative environment would become more complex and challenging within the same time frame.

The Extended Business Travel Pulse Survey report highlights trends within business travel, the perception of compliance risk, risk mitigation approaches, and the effectiveness of available solutions.

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