Cultural Agility: Enabling a Global Mindset

BGRS’s 2019 Talent Mobility Trends Global Mindset Pulse Survey supports the business case to drive global mindset capabilities into the people agenda.

How can professionals in modern teams thrive as their colleagues become more diverse, with different perspectives and experience across a range of cultures and backgrounds? Organizations are shifting to embrace greater diversity in order to recognize the benefits of a genuine culture of inclusion. With this change comes the challenge of integrating a breadth of perspectives in multi-disciplined, multicultural global teams and environments. As our latest research validates, Human Resources and Talent Mobility functions must ensure development of global mindset skills to provide their workforce the capability needed to succeed.

Over 90% of participants agree that employees who have international experience and a global mindset are more effective global leaders. In addition, 95% consider these skills critical for meeting business objectives. However, over 30% reveal their organizations are not holistically designing or practicing active development of global business competencies.

The development of global mindset capabilities allows organizations to realize key talent imperatives:

  • Build future, agile leaders capable of succeeding across divergent cultural value environments
  • Nurture greater employee engagement
  • Access latent talent pools to unleash the full potential of the global workforce

The 2019 Global Mindset Pulse Survey executive summary report provides insights into effective global mindset capabilities, organizational readiness and training approaches, and a practical roadmap to enabling a global mindset.

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