Talent Development for the Future through Student Internship Program

Success Stories: Talent Development for the Future through Student Internship Program

A multinational manufacturer engaged BGRS to support their domestic intern program to develop their graduate talent pipeline.




HQ Region:


Program Size:

3,500 mobile employees

Services Provided:

  • Talent Mobility Program Administration


BGRS, the client’s mobility services provider for more than 10 years, has been supporting their internship program which was designed to facilitate their business transformation by attracting future employees with skills in renewable energy and environmental engineering. The client was looking to enhance the overall program with holistic management and provide additional support by:

  • Developing a recruitment tool for the in-house talent team to use when assessing highly sought-after skills. Enabling its use at various universities across the U.S. for managing upwards of 500 interns per year, including a robust application process and background checks
  • Building a stronger pipeline of qualified future hires by immersing them in the company culture and enhancing the intern experience
  • Adapting the existing technology platform for robust tracking and reporting of intern expenses
  • Meeting the increasing requirement of duty of care needs, including swift changes in this area brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic

"The internship program is important to attracting future talent within our organization. We needed a partner to support us in streamlining the program to create an attractive opportunity for future hires while aligning with organizational objectives and adhering to duty of care standards."

Employee Mobility Lead


In partnership with the client’s in-house talent team, BGRS developed a comprehensive solution to manage the internship program by:

  • Utilizing BGRS’s vetted supplier partners to improve the intern experience by securing preferred housing for the interns and offering on-site concierge services that included entertainment and various social events
  • Providing access to BGRS’s technology platform, ReloAccess™, to view critical information such as:
    •  Apartment details
    • Check-in information
    • Concierge services
    • Carpool links for transportation to and from the office
    • Intern advisor information
  • Updating duty of care standards to include:
    • Accessibility and special accommodations information
    • Providing access to intern advisors for additional support and dispute resolutions

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, BGRS adapted the previously offered solutions and implemented COVID-19 specific standards that met guidelines and reinforced safety including:

  • Partnering with preferred suppliers to reserve individual living quarters after lockdown restrictions were lifted
  • Preparing personal packages that include cleaning supplies to ensure safe living spaces for the interns


BGRS’s engagement resulted in an enhanced internship program by creating an opportunity for holistic management, introducing more robust solutions, increasing the duty of care elements, and creating a more encompassing program.

The key positive outcomes for the client included:

  • Achieving 98% customer satisfaction score on the overall intern program
  • Attaining an 85% acceptance rate of future hires upon completion of the program pre-pandemic
  • Implementing virtual internships for 150 interns, while 350 interns moved forward with in-person programs
  • Successfully updating key areas of the program to follow COVID-19 guidelines

"BGRS’s partnership provides us with the necessary resources to meet the everchanging needs of our graduate population. By responding to the challenges brought on by the pandemic in such a seamless manner, we can continue the program in a safe and efficient way for all our interns – whether they are on-site or virtual."

Employee Mobility Lead