Streamlining Mobility in Alignment with Organizational Transformation

Success Stories: Streamlining Mobility in Alignment with Organizational Transformation

One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, and a long-term BGRS client, sought BGRS’s guidance to transform their mobility service delivery framework as it adjusted its business model to changing company, industry, customer, and employee needs.



Pharmaceuticals/Life Sciences

HQ Region:


Program Size:

500 mobile employees

Services Provided:

  • Talent Mobility Program Administration
  • Financial Services
    • Expense Management


The client, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, sought to transform its mobility program structure. In support of broader organizational transformation and changing employee needs, the transition involved significant culture change shifting from a heavily guided delivery to a more flexible, technology enabled, self-serve mobility experience.

The client’s key transformation objectives included:

  • Improve efficiency and cost control throughout the organization
  • Streamline mobility service delivery while maintaining consistency and employee satisfaction
  • Better utilization of best-in-class technology solutions, while ensuring the right balance between the guided and self-serve options to optimize the mobile employee experience
  • Support the organization in redesigning the Human Resources function, aligning mobility roles with the client’s new HR model, transitioning to specialized shared service centers, and leveraging external partners to supplement internal operations

"Effectively working with long-term strategic service partners to support our organizational transformation was one of the critical components of success. BGRS’s knowledge of our organizational culture, mobility function, and program structure, coupled with the breadth of their service offering, technology, and supplier ecosystems, ensured we received the guidance and flexibility we needed to evolve our mobility service delivery."

Head of Mobility


Leveraging a long-term partnership with the client, the knowledge of their mobility structure and organizational culture as well as experience supporting clients through similar business transformations, BGRS proposed and implemented the following solutions:

  • Structured and phased transition from a heavily guided employee support that had been in place for many years to a blend of self-serve and guided service options designed to optimize costs
  • Implementation and user adoption support of digital self-serve tools, such as the BGRS Relocation Planner, an interactive move timeline for enabling both the employee and the mobility manager to independently track the move progress
  • Deeper integration with the client’s technology suite to support a new financial management process
  • Connected the client’s instance of AssignmentPro to BGRS’s digital ecosystem to drive efficiencies, data accuracy, and safer data transfer
  • Optimized business process through a focus on core services delivery, advanced automation of repetitive tasks previously managed in high cost locations, and leveraged shared service centers for back office support
  • Expanded access to the BGRS global network of mobility suppliers to local procurement teams
  • Developed a tailored proposal for additional service delivery to populations previously not managed under mobility to support consolidation of roles from local to regional in-house teams


Within six months of implementing the initial changes, the new BGRS solution delivered the following positive outcomes:

  • Realized cost savings of 30% across the direct annual mobility program spend through strategic program redesign and realignment
  • Introduced blended self-serve and guided service support in a tailored approach driving an increase of 6% in mobile employee satisfaction
  • Leveraged the long-term partnership and the knowledge of the client’s organizational culture to guide them in determining the tasks to be moved to lower cost locations while minimizing the impact on service delivery
  • Redesigned service model focusing on business process automation and shifting operational tasks to the operational teams, resulting in 30% headcount reduction of the client’s mobility team, while allowing the team members to exclusively focus on mobility strategy

"Our ability to tailor our service delivery model to the client’s and their employees’ needs is what allows BGRS to be the partner supporting them throughout every phase of their mobility journey. Working with the client’s mobility team and BGRS’s subject matter experts to deliver a new service delivery framework and demonstrable results in the first six months was truly rewarding."

Vice President, Client Services

Mobility functions often leverage organizational transformation initiatives as an opportunity to review and redesign their mobility programs and service delivery models. We were proud to accompany a long-term client through a transformation of this magnitude and support them in defining new ways to deliver an outstanding mobile employee experience. While complex, multi-faceted, and requiring a dedication of BGRS’s and the client’s teams, these initiatives are often a catalyst of change in an organization’s approach to deploying talent across borders and an opportunity for the client to consider innovative approaches and technologies in a new organizational context.