Streamlining Flexible Benefits Delivery

Success Stories: Streamlining Flexible Benefits Delivery

A Fortune 500 consumer goods company partnered with BGRS to implement an innovative solution for a progressive mobility policy structure allowing employees to tailor mobility benefits to their individual needs.



Consumer Goods

HQ Region:

North America

Program Size:

2,000 mobile employees

Services Provided:

  • Talent Mobility Program Administration
  • Financial Services, including Expense Management


The client sought to significantly increase flexibility in their policy benefits provision. Their focus was on allowing their mobile employees to make decisions in alignment with their personal needs and reduce company involvement in individual decisions. The client sought to partner with a new service delivery provider able to support a broad range of flexible program types.

The client engaged BGRS to support their program transformation objectives, including:

  • Implementing a progressive technology platform that supports a full range of flexible benefits delivery
  • Improving the mobile employee experience by eliminating rigidity, enabling guided employee choice, and reducing the need for exceptions
  • Gaining access to benefit utilization data for better trend analysis and program decision-making
  • Providing a well calibrated blend of self-serve tools with guided employee choice in support of the employer duty of care and program integrity

"This was a significant step for our mobility program evolution. We looked for a service partner able to fully understand and act on our business objectives and in line with our company’s culture. We wanted a partner who can implement a digital solution in an agile way and support us in moving to the next level of mobility support."

Global Mobility Lead


At the time, BGRS was partnering with early adopters among our clients to accelerate development of a configurable flexible benefits management technology solution. The client participated in the development program to deliver the transformation of their policy suite, which included:

  • BGRS-led business requirements gathering initiatives to identify the employee needs for flexible decisions and client-side systems integration requirements
  • Designing an individual benefits selection structure coupled with the budget and supported by automated calculations
  • Establishing a guided employee consultation framework to support the benefit selection aligned with employee needs
  • Configuring a benefit utilization reporting suite to drive business insight and ongoing program review

"The collaborative and agile approach to solution development and BGRS’s mobility management expertise was what we felt enables us to quickly identify and adopt the next generation of tools and processes."

Global Expatriate Compensation Manager


Reflecting the client’s specific needs and transformation journey, BGRS implemented a configurable solution to support individual employee choice while delivering the necessary transparency and governance for the mobility team. The agile development method allowed for an iterative approach to refining the program during and post-deployment, based on data driven insights.

The key positive outcomes for the client included:

  • Within 4 months, implemented a BGRS configured, technology solution offering online benefit selection with automated calculations
  • Completed an API integration with compensation technology providing real time data exchange
  • Updated BGRS’s Relocation Planner to reflect flexible benefit milestones and support
  •  Implemented a solution that directly supported the employee and client satisfaction goals as well as improved SLA performance
  • Continued improvements on the customer experience
  • Significant reduction in policy exceptions compared to companies with a more transition policy and administrative approach
  • Actionable, data-driven, insights into benefits usage resulting in investment optimization in specific benefits categories

The BGRS flexible benefit solution combined with guided consultation and relocation planning tools supports delivery in alignment with mobile employee needs. BGRS was able to structure benefits that empowered the organization to understand trends on employee choices, usage, and program impacts for the 83% of new assignments utilizing the tool.