Streamlining Emerging Mobility Program including Critical Group Move

Success Stories: Streamlining Emerging Mobility Program including Critical Group Move

A US professional sports association with 300 full-time staff partnered with BGRS to develop a scalable, flexible solution for a critical group move. They sought program design that would maximize retention for a highly specialized group of employees and offer a sustainable solution for ongoing mobility program management.


HQ Region:

North America

Program Size:

30 mobile employees

Services Provided:

  • Talent Mobility Consulting
  • Group Move Management
  • Talent Mobility Program Administration
  • Financial Services
    • Expense Management


The client’s objective in partnering with a mobility management service partner was to develop a program framework and policy that would accommodate an upcoming domestic group move involving a group of employees with specialized skills. They also needed to identify a structured approach for managing their emerging mobility program that would scale with future mobility needs.

They engaged BGRS to achieve four key objectives:

  • Design an agile policy with clear program governance to encompass multiple types of relocating employees with minimal exceptions.
  • Proactively manage relocating employee expectations and communications for all moves, but especially those impacted by the group move.
  • Gain clear visibility into total move expense and optimize the overall program cost through a consistent support framework with supply chain efficiency and leverage.
  • Streamline and consolidate program management to free internal resources and provide a cohesive, consistent employee experience.

"Before working with BGRS, we handled relocations internally. As we considered the group move, we realized we needed expert support for both the group move and our ongoing mobility needs. Within the first hour of our initial strategy discussion, BGRS teams pointed out several important nuances we have not considered."

Senior Director, Compensation and Rewards


A balanced focus on program timelines and long-term strategy was critical to the success of this partnership. BGRS developed a tailored solution that addressed both immediate group-move needs and ongoing program management concerns. Key elements of the solution included:

  • Establishing a comprehensive strategy session for defining roles, timelines, expectations, and overall objectives, linked to measurable program KPIs
  • Devising and gaining cross-functional buy-in for an integrated execution plan and aligning that with internal milestone tracking and approval processes.
  • Assigning a project leader to continually recalibrate, refine, and reprioritize efforts in response to changing needs.
  • Developing a tailored relocation policy for both the group move and ongoing program needs.
  • Streamlining information sharing to promote consistency, mitigate resistance to change, and enable client’s HR team to focus on core responsibilities.
  • Selecting best-suited suppliers from our carefully vetted and rigorously managed mobility supply chain.
  • Providing tailored account implementation support, including system and process configuration.
  • Establishing the account management and service support framework for end-to-end ongoing service delivery.

"BGRS helped us design a program tailored to the needs of an organization of our size. As a result of their deep mobility expertise and focused attention of the entire team, we have already captured cost and program efficiencies we would not have been able to materialize on our own."

Senior Director, Compensation and Rewards


Initial discussions focused on outsourcing management of a critical group move. Through this dialogue, the client recognized the benefit of selecting a relocation partner and contracted with BGRS for ongoing mobility management. Once the solutions were agreed upon by the client’s stakeholders, our implementation team was able to execute the implementation process within 30 days.

Key positive outcomes for the client included:

  • Accelerated speed-to-market that positioned the client to seamlessly manage early relocations.
  • Centralized and consistent program management, resulting in improved understanding, engagement, and critical retention among relocating employees
  • Clear visibility into projected program cost using relocation cost estimates.
  • Transparent governance and reporting that empowered the client with actionable insights for decision making
  • Efficiency savings through HR team allocation, supply chain consolation, and economies of scale.
  • Streamlined home sale process resulti

Retaining talent during relocation requires clear governance, flexible program design, and transparent reporting. This is especially true in the context of a group move. How employees view a major change initiative can have a lasting effect on business and set the tone for employee perceptions of an organization’s mobility program.

Effectively managing group moves means addressing the needs of all employees – those who move, those who do not, and those who are recruited in the new area. Our personalized attention and tailored solution design focused on meeting employee needs, offering measurable outcomes, and, for programs of all sizes and scope, providing full scalability as additional needs evolve.