Success Stories: Shifting Mobility Delivery in Organizational Transformation

Digitization and a business restructure prompted the Mobility leadership of a multinational pharmaceutical company to seek a partner to support them through an organizational transformation, impacting all functions including HR and Mobility.




HQ Region:


Program Size:

1,100 mobile employees

Services Provided:

  • Talent Mobility Program Administration
  • Talent Mobility Consulting
  • Home Sale Services
  • Financial Services


As BGRS’s client for more than 10 years, the organization identified an opportunity to redesign and digitize their mobility structure in order to align with the broader business and HR transformation.

The client objectives included:

  • Developing a new approach that improves the mobile employee experience and aligns with the transformation of internal HR service delivery
  • Implementing a shared services center model to optimize employee support
  • Shifting from a more traditional legacy, operations-focused, delivery model to a technology-enabled experience

"As we began to work through a considerable change within our organization, we needed expert partners who could steer us in a direction that would align our mobility model and team structure to ensure we keep pace with the changing needs of our organization."

Head of Global Mobility


BGRS was able to leverage the deep knowledge of the client’s culture and mobility program structure, along with our expertise gained from supporting many of our clients through similar transformations. We developed a comprehensive plan that included:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the mobility program, including mobile employee experience delivery model, support team structures (both in-house and third-party resources), and current and future process mapping
  • Using the program assessment findings to provide recommendations for the most optimal internal team structure
  • Outlining opportunities for systems integration and experience digitization with a focus on both the mobile employee and the mobility teams, as well as integrating with the
  • broader HR function and across the external supply chain
    Partnering within the client’s strategic supplier ecosystem and defining the roles of each key mobility service partner

"The scope of changes we are undergoing is not to be understated. Having a long-term partner who can offer advice, benchmarking, operational support, and effectively partner across our broader mobility supply chain has already proven invaluable in the early stages of our transformation."

Head of Global Mobility


The program assessment delivered several actionable recommendations including:

  • Offering a tangible alignment of the future state mobility structure to the CoE and Shared Service support
  • Recommending a restructure for the in-house mobility function to shift to a centralized team structure to better align with the wider HR transformation outcomes
  • Redefining roles and responsibilities for all parties involved in the mobility experience delivery and standardizing for an optimal employee experience
  • Centralizing the management of mobility types formerly only supported by local HR teams
  • Recommending approaches for incremental mobility experience digitization that aligned to the broader HR transformation initiative and included internal and third-party digital tools and systems
  • Aligning and consolidating mobility supply chain for a better client experience

By partnering with BGRS, as one of the key service partners supporting their transformation initiative, the client was able to use BGRS expertise to get recommendations tailored to their needs to chart the future of their Mobility function in the new organizational structure. In addition, they were able to lean on BGRS to implement and support operational delivery while allowing the client’s Mobility team to focus on the business transformation related initiatives.