Success Stories: Shaping the Future of Core/flex Benefit Delivery

A new global relocation model that enables the business to most optimally deploy their talent and transforms employee experience




HQ Region:


Program Size:

700 mobile employees

Services Provided:

  • Talent Mobility Program Administration
  • Policy Counseling
  • Financial Services
    • Foreign Exchange Protection Calculations
    • Cost Projections
    • Flex Premium Calculation


This global organization had an aspirational goal for their company’s mobility function: a redesigned and refocused program that would support strategic business outcomes while delivering an enhanced mobile employee experience. To achieve this ambitious goal, the client engaged BGRS to:

  • Move from a decentralized employee mobility management approach to a globally consistent service delivery model
  • Implement data analytics tools for better trend analysis and decision-making
  • Ensure complete mobility program cost transparency
  • Empower employees to tailor their benefits to their personal needs

The transformation project leveraged BGRS’s expertise to operationalize the client’s vision and provide an improved digital experience for mobile employees. The employees are enabled to tailor their mobility support by using the latest digital tools in combination with BGRS consultants’ advocacy and deep mobility knowledge.

"Our goal was a flexible program, centered on an improved and digital mobile employee experience to support the achievement of our business objectives."

Global Mobility Lead

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