Shaping the Future of Core/flex Benefit Delivery

Success Stories: Shaping the Future of Core/flex Benefit Delivery

A new global relocation model that enables the business to most optimally deploy their talent and transforms employee experience




HQ Region:


Program Size:

700 mobile employees

Services Provided:

  • Talent Mobility Program Administration
  • Policy Counseling
  • Financial Services
    • Foreign Exchange Protection Calculations
    • Cost Projections
    • Flex Premium Calculation


This global organization had an aspirational goal for their company’s mobility function: a redesigned and refocused program that would support strategic business outcomes while delivering an enhanced mobile employee experience. To achieve this ambitious goal, the client engaged BGRS to:

  • Move from a decentralized employee mobility management approach to a globally consistent service delivery model
  • Implement data analytics tools for better trend analysis and decision-making
  • Ensure complete mobility program cost transparency
  • Empower employees to tailor their benefits to their personal needs

The transformation project leveraged BGRS’s expertise to operationalize the client’s vision and provide an improved digital experience for mobile employees. The employees are enabled to tailor their mobility support by using the latest digital tools in combination with BGRS consultants’ advocacy and deep mobility knowledge.

"Our goal was a flexible program, centered on an improved and digital mobile employee experience to support the achievement of our business objectives."

Global Mobility Lead


The client was operating a heavily decentralized mobility model and utilizing multiple local service category providers with an over-reliance on local HR business partners to support their mobile employees. This approach was leading to:

  • Limited program governance with no central control
  • Limited visibility into mobility cost
  • Inconsistent employee experience
  • Disjointed employee-facing technology and tools

Addressing these issues meant a comprehensive change in approach. The client needed to lay the groundwork for the transformation strategically and execute a carefully calibrated sourcing process to identify a partner who could truly meet their needs.

Prior to launching the RFP process,” said the client’s Head of Procurement, “we consulted extensively with the global HR community to ensure that the future vision was aligned across the business. Additionally, we created a detailed business case for change to ensure that the project was validated and approved by the Executive Committee. This enabled us to launch the RFP process to identify a global relocation vendor who understood our unique culture and objectives and who could ultimately help turn our vision into a reality.”


Having selected BGRS, the client began working with our experienced team of subject matter experts. Making the overall vision come to life involved a combination of digital enhancements and operational expertise. The solution leveraged BGRS’s proprietary technology to automate the client’s new core/flex benefit model, along with employee communications and program management reporting redesign to respond to the issues around decentralization and transparency. The teams worked through the transformation effort, addressing questions such as:

  • How to implement the ambitious vision and objectives across a large and complex, decentralized organization?
  • How to maintain key supplier relationships within the framework of a new vendor partnership?
  • How to ensure the right balance between digital and human service delivery to optimize the mobile employee experience?
  • How to deliver the new model on an accelerated implementation schedule to align with dependent internal timelines?

In partnership with the client’s International Mobility team, BGRS implemented solutions for each, employing a service design methodology to deliver a minimal viable product using Agile project management in order to meet requirements for a condensed implementation timeline. The key elements of BGRS’s solution included:

  • Integrating BGRS’s innovative technology tool to support a flexible core/flex benefit model.
    The model was carefully designed to reflect the client’s needs for enhanced employee experience with the right blend of human and digital support. A collaborative approach to program design ensured that the technology responded to the client’s policy and organizational needs.
  • Delivering joint workshops across key client locations globally.
    The in-person workshops provided the client’s International Mobility team with a platform to engage with the global HR community, explain the future vision, and position BGRS as a strategic service delivery partner.
  • Establishing a cross-organizational dedicated global project team.
    This team, a standard element in transformational mobility design, oversaw the implementation of the new model and ensured quick and efficient decision making.
  • Designing a tailored global supply chain solution.
    This included capability to onboard existing client’s suppliers in key markets to support seamless transition.


Reflecting the client-specific needs and providing best-in-class transformational support not only delivered an improved employee experience through increased digitization but smoother, more consistent, and transparent mobility program administration.

Through close collaboration and partnership, we:

  • Successfully implemented the solution in alignment with the client’s aggressive internal timeline. The implementation plan included a comprehensive roadmap for future enhancements.
  • Configured BGRS’s innovative technology tool within 90 days to meet the client’s specific needs driven by a flexible core/flex benefit model, data governance, risk and cost management requirements.
  • Deployed a tailored supply chain solution that leverages the strength and scale of BGRS’s network while integrating selected vendors from the client’s existing supply chain.
  • Enabled full visibility into program spend, cost containment, and implemented cost savings strategies.
  • Delivered full program transparency through a single global program performance dashboard as well as individual dynamic dashboards with specific data supporting the mobility manager, mobile employee and the BGRS consultant.

"Our combined teams are proud of the results, but we are not resting on our laurels! Already, we have identified several areas for enhancement to be deployed in stages over the coming 12 months."

Client Services Director