Designing a Points-Based Flexible Benefits Program

Success Stories: Designing a Points-Based Flexible Benefits Program

One of the world’s leading consumer brands was looking for a simplified and more flexible approach to its workforce mobility strategy and service delivery model.



Consumer Goods

HQ Region:


Program Size:

2,000 mobile employees

Services Provided:

  • Core/flex Strategy and Program Design
  • Talent Mobility Program Administration


The client, one of the world’s best-known consumer brands with a workforce of more than 100 nationalities and a strong focus on global talent development, partnered with BGRS to align their mobility program to the evolving needs of the business and their relocating employees.

Their key objectives included:

  • Reimagining employee mobility for the next generation of mobile employees, while accommodating four generations in the workplace
  • Transforming from a more traditional ‘one-size fits all’ policy approach to offering greater choice and flexibility to meet individual employee needs
  • Offering choice in a non-currency based approach
  • Enhancing the mobility experience for their relocating employees
  • Designing and deploying a globally consistent mobility program framework
  • Developing a policy suite that:
    • Drives long-term talent development objectives and reflects a corporate culture of collaboration and creativity
    • Focuses on equity, flexibility, and empowerment of their relocating employees to make the most appropriate benefit choices
    • Supports a set of flexible services to complement generous core benefits
  • Digitizing the mobile employee experience

"We had outgrown our previous standard policy approach. Our ultimate goal was to redesign our program to meet the needs of our internal customers and relocating employees to drive flexibility, choice, and personalization. We were able to partner closely with BGRS for all elements of the program design and had the additional peace of mind that BGRS would be the company executing the new model – they definitely had skin in the game"

Senior Director
Cross-Border Employment


The BGRS team accompanied the client along the entire journey from initial program consideration and scenario planning through to flexible benefits program design and implementation, with the key elements of the BGRS solution including:

  • Assessing the business rationale for the core/flex solution structure driven by employee demographics and corporate culture
  • Applying BGRS’s proprietary flexible benefits program design framework, which included:
    • Guided selection of a point-based benefits allocation aligned to the client’s objectives of equity, choice, and designed to guide and empower employees to make choices that best meet their needs
    • Development of a framework weighting the policy benefits to organizational objectives and duty of care, including compliance and wellbeing
    • New policy segmentation and benefit alignment
    • Internal buy-in and change management support, including participation in the client’s organization-wide mobility program roll-out event with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • Program delivery process design tailored to the client’s policy suite with a strong focus on a guided, digitally-enabled employee experience
  • Technology configuration and implementation support
    • Cross-functional expertise, including technology, implementation, finance, and supply chain, that provided ongoing input in the program design process and testing support
    • Seamless configuration and implementation, guided by the information, stress-testing, and decisions made in the program design phase


The client was looking for a partner that could bring their future vision for employee mobility to life in line with their distinct corporate culture. In partnering with BGRS, they achieved:

  • A reimagined, future-proofed program structure unanimously acknowledged by key stakeholders as strongly aligned to their corporate vision and culture
  • A points-based, core/flex solution that was applicable to four workplace generations and enabled employees to better align benefits with their individual requirements
  • An enhanced, digitized, and guided employee experience
  • A flexible benefits approach around which BGRS could build a new, centralized global service delivery model to further ensure an enhanced, consistent customer experience

Empowering employee choice and driving equity was the primary guiding principle for a selection of a point-based allocation by this organization. In many respects, designing for a point-based allocation adds more complexity to the program design phase. Points-weighting and allocation per policy must reflect optimal investment for each policy’s benefits group, yet applicable across the policy suite. The strength of the BGRSflex™ consulting framework, subject matter expertise, and the configurability of the digital solution supported the collaborative approach needed for successful implementation and outcome.