Customer Experience Transformation for a Leading Financial Services Firm

Success Stories: Customer Experience Transformation for a Leading Financial Services Firm

A leading financial services organization partnered with BGRS to transform its approach to global talent mobility and develop a new governance framework that would streamline global mobility service delivery, billing, reporting, and compliance while enhancing the customer experience for mobile employees.



Financial Services

HQ Region:


Program Size:

2,300 mobile employees

Services Provided:

  • Talent Mobility Program Administration
  • Talent Mobility Consulting
  • Financial Services
    • Cost Estimates
    • Expense Management
    • Cost Collection


The client, a leading global financial services organization, was seeking to transform how it mobilized its talent. It was looking for a long-term, flexible, and scalable global solution to meet the evolving business and global workforce management needs. Their key talent mobility transformation objectives included: 

  • Transform and optimize the mobile employee experience  
  • Introduce digital tools for both mobile employees and the corporate mobility and HR teams 
  • Introduce a more robust mobility program governance framework 
  • Centralize cost collection and tax provider reporting  
  • Implement a global direct billing solution 

"We were clear on what we wanted to achieve. We just weren’t sure if it was all possible and just how long it would take. We knew that finding the right global mobility partner, both in terms of capabilities and cultural fit, would be critical to the success of the project and the future success of our program."

Global Mobility Lead

This was also the first time that the client sought to implement a globally consistent talent mobility service delivery model. There were critical aspects of the program design that had to be considered and addressed at a specific policy category or geography level, including:

  • Implementing a global funding and billing model designed to accommodate local currency needs and tax obligations
  • Assessing local and service category needs to configure an optimal global supplier ecosystem
  • Designing and managing an effective change and communication plan to ensure local stakeholders understanding and buy-in
  • Highlighting components critical to enhancing customer experience while strategically leveraging opportunities to realize efficiencies


In partnership with the client’s global and regional mobility teams and key business stakeholders, BGRS designed and implemented a talent mobility management solution meeting all the client’s key strategic objectives.

The critical enablers of success included 

  • Establishing a global engagement leadership and service delivery team structure aligned to the client’s mobility program structure and the key mobility hubs in the United Kingdom, United States, China, India, and Brazil.
  • Configuring and implementing a global integrated mobility portal and a suite of digital tools for the client’s global mobility and HR teams and the entire mobile employee population that provides access to program information via desktop or mobile devices.
  • Setting up a hybrid, multi-currency billing and funding model.
  • Designing a tailored supply chain solution that leverages the strength, scale, and digital integration of BGRS’s network while integrating selected vendors from the client’s existing supply chain.
  • Seconding key BGRS team member to temporarily fulfil the role of the Regional Mobility Leader at the client’s premises. The secondment was designed to support the client’s in-house mobility team through the critical implementation and onboarding phases. The secondment also deepened understanding of the client’s business practices, building closer client relationships, and enhancing BGRS team’s ability to guide the client teams through the most optimal service options and solutions.
  • Introducing comprehensive mobility program-wide cost reporting, which included tracking client-paid invoices.

"We knew that there would be challenges to overcome given the complexity and the size of our mobility program. BGRS proved to be a strong partner, reacting quickly to issues and implementing measures to prevent them from recurring. They had an unerring joint focus on achieving the project milestones and go live objectives that we had communicated across relevant stakeholders in the organization. Overall, it was a fantastic team effort."

Global Mobility Lead

Within 12 months of the partnership start the client’s global mobility program has been transformed. Through process re-engineering to ensure consistency in policy application and service delivery, the introduction of new digital tools, a dedicated global support team, and a tailored supply chain solution, the client was better positioned than ever before to effectively deploy its talent.  

The key positive outcomes for the client included 

  • Improved mobile employee experience, with mobile employees’ satisfaction rating growing by 2% per annum over the first 24 months of the engagement to 95%.
  • The utilization of the digital management and self-serve tools such as the ReloPlanner interactive move timeline, online reporting, and online initiations, increased by 50% in the first 12 months of the engagement, streamlining data sharing and enhancing employee experience.
  • Tailored supplier network of more than 100 independent service providers in more than 60 locations globally. Rigorously managed as part of BGRS’s digital supplier ecosystem, through digital reporting tools and API-enabled real time data exchanges.
  • Realized cost savings of $1 million across the client’s annual program spend in the first 12 months of the engagement.
  • A single global dashboard that provides simple and clear monthly SLAs and program management metrics for employee demographics, customer satisfaction, service uptake, supplier performance, and mobility program cost.
  • A trusted client relationship borne out of open collaboration and BGRS’s ability to deliver on commitments.

"With this foundation built we are continuously looking at ways to improve, identify efficiencies, and deploy new technologies to drive out costs and enhance the customer experience. We’re very excited about what the future holds."

Peter Hopkins
Vice President, Client Services, BGRS

With sharp focus on collaboration, leveraging the expertise of BGRS’s cross-functional teams, as well as the digital tools to optimize the mobile employee experience, the client has implemented a competitive approach to global mobility that fits its organizational culture and mobility objectives. The transformation initiative kick started BGRS’s ability to further support the client in identifying further efficiencies, continuously evolving the program structure, or implementing additional digital solutions.