Centralizing Mobility Program for a Global Financial Services Company

Success Stories: Centralizing Mobility Program for a Global Financial Services Company

A global financial services company looked for a partner with proven experience managing large global mobility programs to support their transformation from a regional service delivery to a globally consistent mobile employee experience.



Financial Services

HQ Region:

North America

Program Size:

900 mobile employees

Services Provided:

  • Global Mobility Program Administration


In order to meet evolving business and global workforce management objectives while optimizing program costs, a leading Fortune 100 investment bank with more than 60,000 employees in over 40 countries, was seeking to centralize its global mobility program, managed across more than 25 host locations.

Their key mobility transformation objectives included:

  • Centralizing the mobility program to a global model to address regional inconsistencies in the mobile employee experience in the context of a large and complex regional structure
  • Improving the quality and consistency of service delivery thereby transforming and optimizing the mobile employee experience
  • Assessing local and service category needs to configure a new global supplier network ensuring global governance, volume leverage, and consistent service levels
  • Streamlining legacy disjointed and manual processes through digital automation
  • Assessing and managing any required changes to their presence in the United Kingdom as a result of the departure from the European Union
  • Optimizing mobility program costs through consistency and volume consolidation

"We combined our knowledge of supporting many financial services organizations, as well as the experience with streamlining and centralizing service delivery across decentralized mobility programs with our understanding of the client’s culture and specific mobile employee needs to develop a mobility management framework that would promote consistency and deliver on the strategic objectives of our client’s stakeholders."

Amy Cullen
Vice President, Client Services


The client selected BGRS to design and implement the streamlined, globally consistent, mobility management solution. The critical enablers of success included:

  • Delivering a streamlined implementation process managed by a dedicated team of subject matter experts in the areas of client services, finance, supply chain, technology, and legal
  • Establishing a global client support structure aligned to the client’s mobility program structure and the key regional mobility hubs in London, Hong Kong, and New York
  • Providing a key BGRS team member at the client’s premises for three months to support the client’s mobility team through the critical implementation and onboarding phases. The secondment further contributed to improving mutual understanding of the business practices and deepened cross-team relationships
  • Providing BGRS’s Talent Mobility Consulting support in assessing the likely impact of the client’s provisions for the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union on the regional employee mobility. In addition to the location assessment, BGRS facilitated workshops with local service providers and Q&A sessions for impacted employees and their families
  • Configuring and implementing a tailored global supply chain solution that leverages the strength, scale, and digital integration of BGRS’s network while including selected key vendors from the client’s existing supply chain
  • Introducing comprehensive mobility program-wide regular governance and performance reviews to support adoption across regions and locations


Following a robust program design and implementation process to enable consistency in program application and service delivery while allowing for local flexibility, where appropriate, the client was positioned to meet their objective of centralizing the mobility program to optimally deploy its talent.

Within the first year of the engagement, the key positive outcomes for the client included:

  • Received 100% satisfaction rating from the client along with excellent feedback regarding robust, yet fast and streamlined, implementation process and BGRS’s ability to act as a true extension of the client’s mobility team
  • Excellent mobile employee feedback with 98% customer satisfaction in the first year of engagement
  • Deployment of a tailored supply chain solution, optimizing cost, and leveraging volume while minimizing service disruption, resulting in 94% satisfaction with the supply chain and $1 million of demonstrated savings across destination services and temporary accommodation in the first year
  • Introduction of a single global dashboard to provide simple and actionable program management metrics, including mobile employee demographics, service utilization, customer satisfaction, and mobility program cost

"We have a solid account support team who provides a high level of service. The centralization and outsourcing model is rather new to us and our BGRS team acts as if they were an extension of our mobility team, with our interests as their driving core. We had several requests specific to our program and organizational culture and the BGRS team has come up with practical solutions as to how to integrate them into a centralized and streamlined process."

Global Vendor Manager

BGRS’s ability to deliver on its commitment to deploy a solution that fits the client’s organizational culture and mobility objectives laid a strong foundation for a long-term strategic partnership. BGRS continues to work with the client to identify further opportunities to support their evolving mobility program through key initiatives, including policy suite redesign and additional solutions such as BGRS’s financial management services.