Advanced Technology Solution for Financial Management and Billing Enhances Client Experience

Success Stories: Advanced Technology Solution for Financial Management and Billing Enhances Client Experience

Shortly after joining BGRS as a new client, a global leader in consumer goods found that BGRS’s innovative technology approach to their complex billing and financial management brought a welcome enhancement to their overall client experience.



Consumer Goods & Services

HQ Region:


Program Size:

1400 mobile employees

Services Provided:

  • Talent Mobility Consulting
  • Full Service Domestic and International Financial Services


As the client transitioned to BGRS as their new RMC, this Fortune 500 organization made it clear that effective management of the billing and reporting function was a key element of a strong client experience. Within the company, mobility costs were highly scrutinized, and flawless and accurate management was critical. However, the organization had a complex, decentralized financial process. The previous service provider had handled this manually which was labor intensive and risk-prone in terms of controls.

Their key objectives in partnering with BGRS included:

  • Improving timeliness and complete data accuracy in fulfilling the numerous divisional financial requirements
  • Ensuring that financial stakeholders within the company were fully satisfied with the process
  • Eliminating any feedback caused by re-entries or corrections to ledgers or codes resulting from an ineffective process
  • Increasing the client experience by creating better partnerships with internal financial ledgers and HR business partners for accrual reporting

"As we began onboarding with BGRS, we realized the amount of manual labor that our current billing and reporting processes required. It was essential that we found a solution that streamlined the process, reducing frustration and boosting stakeholder satisfaction."

Senior Director, HR Ops


As the client began the implementation process, BGRS’s assessment of their financial processes indicated that the level of complexity was ripe for innovation. Absent a creative approach, extensive manual effort would be required to meet the client’s needs. After exploring various options to address the need and partnering closely with the client, BGRS determined that employing robotic process automation (RPA) as part of a configurable solution to create new centralized billing and reporting processes would be the key to improved data accuracy, integrity, and timeliness.

The BGRS solution, delivered within the first 12 months of implementation, involved:

  • Developing an RPA bot tailored to the client’s complex reporting structure
  • Deploying the bot to review the client division and cost center data and access the client’s billing matrices to populate the other key critical billing labels
  • Enabling a flexible solution that allows BGRS’s Experience team to update key billing label data as needed, creating a flexible but controlled approach that avoids the need for programmers and developers to make these changes
  • Adding additional layers of control, including audit and security checks of data


The key positive outcomes for the client included:

  • Reducing the error rate from 20% to zero percent on all billing labels, invoicing, and reporting
  • Removing the manual labor previously required with the previous manual system
  • Eliminating frustration from the client’s internal finance business partners regarding billing errors under the old process
  • Creating a flexible, but controlled, approach that removes the need for programmers and developers to make changes to any key billing data that is updated by the client

"Utilizing robotic process automation has enhanced our billing and reporting processes – allowing us to achieve more data security, accuracy, and integrity. Working with BGRS has been an exceptional experience thus far"

Senior Director, HR Ops

Implementing RPA that enhances billing processes and reduces the human effort required to maintain and manage the client’s billing data has allowed us to work as a more strategic partner to the client and meet their vision of utilizing technology within their mobility program.