Accelerated Program Implementation for a Fortune 100 Company

Success Stories: Accelerated Program Implementation for a Fortune 100 Company

The client, a Fortune 100 company with presence in more than 70 countries, engaged BGRS to support their organization’s agenda of creating a technology-enabled, data-driven employee mobility experience. BGRS executed an accelerated service provider transition amid a global pandemic.



Aerospace & Defense

HQ Region:


Program Size:

2,000 mobile employees

Services Provided:

  • Talent Mobility Program Administration
  • Talent Mobility Consulting
  • Financial Services
    • Expense Management


As part of a broader organizational initiative to enhance employee experience, digitize HR service delivery, improve governance, and better use data to drive business decisions, the client was seeking a new mobility service partner.

Their key objectives for a successful service provider included:

  • Proven focus on the mobile employee experience and configurable solutions to meet the needs of a diverse workforce.
    • Employee persona-aligned experience delivery.
    • Formalized mobility program for executives and VIPs.
  • Integrated digital mobility management with API capabilities.
  • Advanced mobility program reporting and data analytics capabilities.
  • Independently managed, integrated, and transparent mobility supply chain.
  • Robust account management structure with an empowered, guiding team of mobility consultants, acting as the move project managers.
  • Ability to provide staff augmentation and secondment of experienced consultants.
  • Proven ability to onboard and manage engagements of similar size and complexity, and the prowess to implement a globally consistent mobility service delivery model on an accelerated transition timeline, amid a global pandemic.


Following a successful formal procurement process, a cross-functional team was created consisting of subject matter experts across the client organization and BGRS. Guided by BGRS’s Global Implementation Leader, an accelerated implementation approach was established, tailored to the client’s strategic objectives, corporate culture, and program complexity. This included:

  • Clearly defining and documenting implementation phases from planning to aftercare.
  • Optimizing, simplifying, and integrating the client’s global program through seven, concurrently managed workstreams spanning critical areas from contracting, communication, and process design to technology and supply chain integration.
  • Ensuring robust solutions were delivered on time by fostering agility in decision making and collaboration through daily standing meetings with key stakeholders.
  • Designing the mobility technology integration plan concurrently with the client’s implementation of a new in-house mobility management platform.
  • Delivering training on the client culture and experience objectives to BGRS employees involved in the implementation and subsequent employee experience delivery.
  • Setting up innovative solutions to transition the program amid a global pandemic:
    • Designing a fully virtual implementation approach with video conferencing and digital collaboration tools to promote relationship building and clarity.
    • Using agile collaboration and decision-making methods to support the client’s in-house team, which concurrently managed reduced working hours, business continuity, and crisis management requirements.
    • Implementing virtual introductory meetings with all key downstream suppliers to drive supply chain transparency and support the client in clarifying objectives and expectations.
    • Collaborating with the client on alternative approaches to compiling employee data due to limited file transition support from an incumbent challenged by the impact of the global pandemic.

"We are having a great experience partnering with BGRS. I appreciate the engagement shown and the support given to us from senior members of your team. Across levels there is a consistent proactive communication with me and my team. This is a huge strength as we build this partnership towards driving excellent talent mobility services and support at our organization."

Senior Director, Global Mobility Services


The partnership, commitment, agility, and open and transparent dialogue between both teams enabled BGRS to maintain the necessary pace of implementation and meet the ambitious transition timeline amid the challenges of the global pandemic.

The key positive outcomes for the client included:

  • Successful engagement of the senior management team and accountability at all levels.
  • A mobile employee experience designed and implemented in alignment with the client’s strategic focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Achievement of the implementation and transition SLA requirements, project deadlines, communications and training milestones, and go-live dates. This was achieved with no business disruption despite limited engagement from the incumbent provider.
  • Overwhelmingly positive employee feedback on the post-implementation Voice of Customer survey conducted by the client.
  • Deployment of a tailored supply chain solution, driving transparency and optimizing costs with documented anticipated cost containment.
  • Successful technology integration of the client’s HRIS, a new mobility management platform, and BGRS’s technology ecosystem, including a full cycle of pre-testing, implementation support, hyper care, and future technology integration roadmap.
  • Establishing an on-site BGRS consultant in APAC following an on/off weekly schedule as mandated by the local government pandemic guidelines.

"The past few months were great, and I am confident this will continue. I am satisfied with the partnership, executive sponsorship, and the accountability demonstrated from the start of our relationship. I am very impressed by the incredible talent pool within BGRS, your technology capability, ability to provide data in a timely manner, and reporting analytics. I definitely see the difference this is making to help enhance our employee relocation experience."

Senior Director, Global Mobility Services

Turbulent times often accelerate innovation as new pressures prompt organizations to reimagine the way they do business. Agility and collaboration underpinned by robust governance and service delivery models typically drive successful outcomes. The client’s investment in collaboration and information sharing along with BGRS’s configurable mobile employee experience management model, subject matter expertise, ability to support the client’s critical objective, and unique culture were critical to success. It enabled both teams to address additional challenges driven by a global pandemic, a challenged incumbent, and an accelerated transition timeline without ever compromising the quality of the employee experience.