In the Spotlight: Talent Mobility Consulting

BGRS’s consultative approach to talent mobility is rooted in valued client partnerships. BGRS develops tailored solutions that align with each client’s unique global mobility and organizational objectives. Ellyn Karetnick, Vice President, Talent Mobility Consulting, shares her insights In the Spotlight.

With 25 years’ experience across Human Resources, Reward, and Global Mobility, what should mobility leaders consider when assessing their strategies for future programs?

Ellyn Karetnick: That’s certainly the question of the day, isn’t it?  Today’s workforce is more dynamic than ever. At a macro level, a lot is changing the nature of work – from demographics, innovation and digital disruption, to globalization versus protectionism and employee outlook.  In addition, economic and political environments continue to create some big challenges that are also impacting mobility and talent priorities. Beyond all of that, competition of the workforce has been driving the need for efficiencies. Consequently, the rate of change and expectations are rising relative to global mobility and HR. These elements are collectively shaping people strategy.

This also means that flexibility and innovative work arrangements are paramount. Virtual teams, for example, are becoming the new normal. It’s important to identify and define the objectives of an assignment from the outset, to effectively measure and mitigate risk. For some organizations, it’s about deployment and getting “boots on the ground,” whereas for others it’s about linking mobile talent with succession and career planning. In either case, the focus is on contributing to business growth, predictive analytics, and how mobility can be an effective lever to drive the bottom line.

Global talent mobility challenges can be difficult to articulate. How does BGRS help clients identify opportunities for optimization and program enhancements?

Ellyn: Trust and collaboration with our clients is key. We have experience working alongside global organizations across a wide range of industries, with varying challenges and goals. By establishing a true partnership, wherein we function as an extension of their team, we are able to align in the short and longer term.

We take the time to genuinely get to know our clients. We understand their specific issues, pain points, and broader strategic priorities. Once we have a picture of the realities they face, we leverage our depth and breadth of experience. Ultimately, we can devise a concrete plan that will help the client achieve a successful outcome.

The mobility industry is continuously evolving as you mentioned. How does BGRS Talent Mobility Consulting continue to innovate and evolve with changing market demands?

Ellyn: My career has been dedicated to working with diverse, international individuals. I’m very proud of our global team of over 20 professional experts, which includes talent development capabilities, aligning mobility in such a way that allows clients to optimize resources and leverage cross-functional expertise. By building relationships, learning from other perspectives, and developing a global mindset, we strive to be one step ahead, anticipate needs, and help clients see the “art of the possible.” Not only do we help clients see how to begin, but equally to see the steps that will yield results. By developing strategies that address both sides of global mobility – the business and the individual – we can optimize the return on investment.

Our team has distilled this overall mission into four pillars: Program Strategy, Transformation, Data Analytics, and Workforce Optimization. Collectively, these focus areas apply both quantitative and qualitative data and meaningful insights to drive distinct results for every client. In this way, we help our clients demonstrate the intrinsic value of mobility both on a functional and enterprise level.

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