In the Spotlight: A New Green Initiative

Cultivating sustainable and green practices help organizations become more efficient, competitive and profitable. In this Spotlight, Dan Mack, Vice President, Global Transportation Services talks about how BGRS supports clients in achieving their green initiative goals, reducing their carbon footprint and realizing greater cost savings.

With an increased focus globally on sustainability and finding new and innovative practices to decrease carbon footprints, how is BGRS championing sustainable initiatives?

Dan Mack: In this industry, we are all too familiar with how much can be thrown out prior to a move, from furniture and clothing to books and other household items. Many of our clients have inquired about a way to support their employees in discarding belongings they did not want to take with them to their new location. We began a partnership with an organization called Home Sweet Home Services LLC. to provide a new service called “Discard & Donate,” which is available to any relocating employee moving out of the U.S. and Canada. This service offers relocating employees and families the opportunity to sell or donate items they no longer need or want prior to their move. As a result, it is reducing the amount of waste produced during relocation. It’s exciting to be leading the way as one of just a few organizations offering this service in mobility.

In addition to assisting relocating employees with sorting items to discard or donate, what are other benefits to the client?

Dan: Once authorized, this service yields many benefits.  First, professionals work with employees to organize their belongings, sorting items for donation, consignment, recycling or disposal. The organizer will also coordinate logistics for removing these items from the home. It also saves employees’ time and energy at their new residence; employees don’t have unpack and sort through items in their new home that they really no longer want or need.

In addition, clients save money by reducing the size of their household goods shipments. They also reduce their carbon footprint by lower fuel and material costs for smaller shipments.

Supporting local communities as well as realizing cost savings is important to BGRS clients. How is this service’s impact reported to clients?

Dan: Every year, there is 2.12 billion tons of waste is discarded around the world. This service saves our clients costs while supporting local communities by contributing to food banks, consignment stores and Goodwill.

To keep clients apprised of this service’s benefits, we create reports on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on volume. These reports substantiate cost savings and environmental impact for each shipment; calculating the cost to move the items discarded and/or donated.

The report also demonstrates the number of trees saved because of the number of cardboard boxes not used. In addition, it indicates the overall reduction to the carbon footprint because of lower fuel costs associated with smaller shipments.

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