In the Spotlight: Building A Strong Team

As a Director of Compensation Services, Jason Sanders established a team of professionals with the specific needs of our clients in mind. In the Spotlight, we talk about the importance of developing the right team to service our clients, sharing information, education, and the core of what makes BGRS’s client and customer service exceptional.

Providing compensation services incorporates several skill sets including aspects of client services along with financial services. What makes the BGRS Compensation Services team stand out?

Jason: As an organization, we aspire to be an employer of choice. This is big reason why I want to work here. When we were onboarding a new, large aerospace and security client, we needed to assemble a team that would rise to the occasion. I specifically evaluated what this complex client would need from us. This translated into various skills which included knowledge of compensation, but also was more diverse. For example, finding creative solutions or a desire to learn. BGRS gave me the resources and autonomy to develop the best team with the right individuals – a group that complements and works together to challenge each other and provide excellent service to the client.

My team is, and I believe employees at BGRS in general are, special because we appreciate diverse experiences and skills. Our teams have an array of backgrounds that set them apart not just compensation, but also financial, accounting, client services, and mobility. This is layering of skills, as we service large and complex clients, whose organizations expect us to be prepared to tackle various issues, is critical. We can all continue to challenge each other and learn from each other, which ultimately keeps us at peak performance.

How does your team stay apprised of best practices?

Jason: As a leader, I take pride in providing my team with educational and developmental opportunities to keep employees engaged and at the top of the industry’s best practices. We hold regular “Lunch and Learn” sessions for the team about a wide range of compensation related subjects. The team’s interests and needs directly inform the topics of these sessions.

We survey the team to find out what they want more exposure to, for example, hypothetical taxes, international tax treaties, certificate of coverage, foreign earned income exclusion, etc. Using these suggestions, we develop a presentation or bring in a subject matter expert to provide educational updates and then we open it up for discussion. This is an opportunity to share knowledge as much as learn. In these concentrated group environments, our people can ask questions, play out scenarios and feel confident when they need to approach a client about any topic.

What stands out as one of your team’s greatest strengths?

Jason: BGRS employs creative, innovative people who are motivated to learn on their own. I encourage hands-on training, sharing information, and fortifying a collaborative work environment. The team is enthusiastic about working through problems and finding the best way to resolve tasks.

Our teams are also empowered to take advantage of cross-functional partnerships and expertise. We work together and solution the problems at hand quickly and accurately. For example, my team often partners with the implementation team to ensure we have up to date process maps, templates, and that the right project plans are being utilized for new client implementations.

And we work seamlessly with our client services team partners. This ensure that information the client shares with one team always makes its way to the right people. To reinforce this transparency, I participate in an internal weekly call between client services and compensation; we also include other teams when necessary as well.  We use this time to provide information to each other staying on top of current initiatives, processes, and critical dates. I’m proud to be part of a team that doesn’t just do their jobs or tasks, but look outside the box to deliver the best.