In the Spotlight: Reimagining the Customer Onboarding Experience

BGRS continues our focus on providing an enhanced experience for our clients and their mobile employees, adding more choice and flexibility to all of our interactions with them. BGRS’s Amy Cullen, Vice President, CX Transformation, is In the Spotlight to share her insights on how we are meeting our goal by enhancing the onboarding experience.

Given our total focus on providing a tailored and frictionless experience for all of our customers, can you share your thoughts on how enhancing the onboarding experience achieves that goal?

Amy Cullen: Providing an enhanced customer experience begins with the very first interaction our clients and their mobile employees have with us. That’s why we are fundamentally reimagining the onboarding experience, building more choice and flexibility into it through digital capabilities that give mobile employees the ability to interact with us the way they want to. Broadly speaking that means giving relocating employees the option to complete as much or as little of their relocation online, on their own schedules, or to work with their consultant for all – or parts – of the process.

Can you give us some detail on how that will work?

Amy: The first step which is now live is enabling mobile employees to validate foundational data their employer has shared with us. This step occurs in ReloAccess™, our digital platform, on the mobile employees’ own schedule. After they are welcomed by our digital assistant Quin, who walks the mobile employee through the data validation process, it takes less than a minute for mobile employees to verify basic information about themselves with simple options to address information that may not be correct for example the spelling of their name.  With this new approach, onboarding becomes more personalized, mobile employees experience a flexible introduction to BGRS and the relocation process, and verifying critical data ensures everyone is aligned on basic information from the beginning. It also paves the way for more meaningful conversations between mobile employees and our consultants.

Are these capabilities entirely new?

Amy: While we have always had the ability for mobile employees to update information in ReloAccess™ the reimagined functionality is dynamically driven so that the information the customer sees is proactively presented to them when they first enter ReloAccess™. This refined process helps us create an overall better experience for our clients’ mobile employees.

What can our clients and their mobile employees expect next?

Amy: In the coming months, future enhancements to the onboarding experience include digitizing more of the onboarding experience, freeing up even more time for meaningful interactions with consultants, and shortening the time the overall process takes for mobile employees. Exciting new features we will be introducing are capabilities that allow mobile employees to see their own personalized policy details in ReloAccess™. We are also introducing an intuitive way to collect information required to successfully manage mobile employees’ moves upfront. This will eliminate duplicate requests for the same information throughout the move, ensure there is one safe source for all data, and ensure we can accurately populate their personalized policy.

With the enhancements to the overall onboarding experience, how do our clients and their mobile employees benefit from these changes?

Amy: This, like everything we do, is being developed with mobile employees in mind. The overall goal of these enhancements is to put our clients and their mobile employees in control of their moves – any time, any place. A reimagined onboarding experience provides more flexibility in the way they choose to verify basic, yet required, information, allowing them to do it on their own schedules. Mobile employees can choose to do this directly within ReloAccess™ or work directly with our consultants to verify and update any information. They are also in control of when they want to verify these steps – if they don’t want to do it right away, they’ll simply get a quick reminder, right in ReloAccess TM.

Once even more of the onboarding process has been transformed, it will provide a new level of personalization, with more of the interaction tailored to each mobile employee’s unique situation – including family, children’s education, and pet needs. As we continue to look at new ways we can enhance our overall experience, we will be focused on providing choice and flexibility to our clients and their mobile employees for every aspect of their relocation – creating another avenue to be by your side, looking ahead®.