In the Spotlight: Quality Assurance

BGRS has a 360-degree commitment to excellence when it comes to customers and clients. Renee Carnes-Rook, Vice President of Customer Care, has more than 25 years’ experience in various mobility industry roles. She shares more about BGRS’s strategic initiatives to ensure service excellence for all clients and customers In the Spotlight. 

What does BGRS’s 360-degree commitment to excellence mean?

Renee Carnes-Rook: BGRS is committed to a 360-degree integration, which means that we understand that everyone in our organization inevitably influences customer service, regardless of what they do. We know that providing service excellence goes deeper than just client services.

Someone’s day-to-day responsibilities may not include directly interacting with a customer, but their work does. That idea is vital! We are making the time to communicate with all our employees, across the organization, in every department, to ensure they understand when, where and how their efforts make a difference.

Who is the Quality Assurance Team and what do they do to ensure BGRS continues to enhance its service delivery?

Renee: The Quality Assurance (QA) Team is dedicated to learning about our customers and their experience, and continually finding areas in which BGRS can enhance that experience. The data we collect and feedback we receive from customer surveys is a critical starting point. We also routinely gather customer comments categorizing them for further review, looking for trends, areas of improvement and stopgaps.

Why is the information BGRS collects from customers so crucial?

Renee: By analyzing information customers provide us, we can incorporate our customer’s most critical requirements into our Total Quality Management process. Customer requirements are a primary driver for process redesign and prioritization of initiatives. In effect, with this alignment we are able to initiate enhancements and create overall experience improvements on an ongoing basis.

Do BGRS employees utilize this information to affect positive change in the customer experience?

Renee: Absolutely! BGRS key account owners, directors, managers and consultants can use the information to action immediate concerns. They can discuss trends with their clients and customers, and build plans for future improvements and enhancements of service provisions. This integrated approach has a positive impact on the customer experience holistically.

How does the QA Team support the business overall?

Renee: One of the QA Team’s basic responsibilities is administering the client and customer surveys, ensuring our system runs properly and maintains the integrity of our data. BGRS understands the importance of this data; it is our window to all areas of services, which we can use to continue refining.

The Team consistently communicates service results with key stakeholders as well as the global business; however, educating the organization is just as important as reporting and analyzing the data we collect.

We use internal channels to report out to the entire organization sharing pertinent information such as trends, themes, year-to-date company results, and best practices, to affect change and increase survey responses from our clients and customers.