In the Spotlight: Leading Partner to Government Agencies

BGRS is the leading provider of global mobility management services to the U.S. and Canadian governments. Here, we explore what distinguishes BGRS as a service provider and how the BGRS U.S. Government Team ensures compliance and security in the highly regulated public sector. Melissa Moorer is a Director of Client Services for U.S. Government Accounts, working in Washington D.C. In her more than 15 years at BGRS, she has held a wide variety of roles working with government agencies and developing strong relationships with BGRS clients. She shares her expertise in this In the Spotlight.

How is servicing government clients different than servicing other organizations?

Melissa Moorer: Unsurprisingly, given the nature of their business, government agencies require added levels of security not only for their own employees, but for anyone who partners with them, including employees of BGRS. For example, our employees undergo rigorous background checks, which are updated every three years. In addition, there are more regulatory entities involved in government activity, making compliance and coordination more complex and many of the employees who we are servicing work remotely and have non-standard working hours, so our team is extremely flexible to ensure we can meet their requirements. One of the most important aspects of our service is that we are there to pick up the phone when it rings, so our team is always available.

Our team is comprised of a select group of individuals who are not only naturally inquisitive but have undergone extensive training so they are well equipped  to facilitate mobility management services to this highly trained population of government professionals Annually, the team takes Federal Travel Regulation assessments, and also attends Graduate School USA, learning about government policies and staying abreast of laws and regulations. Working for government agencies requires added rigor, and BGRS gives our employees every advantage to ensure they are prepared and can provide outstanding service to this unique client base

BGRS has been servicing government agencies for more than 30 years. How does this expertise impact BGRS’s security provisions?

Melissa: We are constantly evolving our security protocols and adding levels of protection to our standard mode of operations. All of our clients are benefitting from the highest level of security because it is compulsory for us to maintain maximum data protection and privacy for the government client base. We are acutely focused on compliance and local regulations, and have strong relationships with experts who can advise quickly about changes in protocols or laws. We are constantly auditing, updating and elevating our security standards across our client base.

 In your nearly 20 years working with government clients, what changes have you seen and how do we continue to ensure excellent service delivery?

Melissa: There has been a natural evolution surrounding managing costs, the contracting process, and incorporating new technologies. These changes continue to grow and expand in response to greater expectations and new challenges every year, but overall it is our history and our depth of knowledge that enables us to respond to these new issues and makes us the strongest partner in the market.

Our government clients relocate approximately 10,000 employees every year, and predominantly they look to us for technical expertise – how to manage our costs tightly, design competitive policies, and oversee efficiencies in the program overall. We know our clients and their industry well, and we have the benefit of managing other Fortune 100 clients with a wide range of mobility programs. So our consultative advice is well informed from different angles, and we can continue to push their programs forward.