In the Spotlight: Global Account Ownership

BGRS offers high-quality talent mobility solutions to some of the world’s largest organizations. Its service delivery model ensures standardization around the globe, and clients and their mobile employees experience exceptional service.

Kate Rothwell, Director of Global Client Services, has more than 20 years’ experience in mobility and shares how BGRS adds value and positively impacts the client and customer experience In the Spotlight.

How does BGRS ensure relocating employees have the best experience during their move and that clients achieve their strategic objectives?

Kate Rothwell: One of BGRS’s greatest strengths is its service delivery model. Our structure incorporates global account owners who function as the single-point of accountability. They own the relationship with the client and oversee all aspects of service delivery. This means that they see both the strategic objectives our clients have and ensure we have the tactical resources to support them. Moreover, this allows BGRS to stay nimble, find efficiencies, and create expedient solutions.

The global owner is always evaluating how to add value to the client. Not only is it a primary responsibility, but with their breadth of experience and knowledge of talent mobility management, it is where BGRS stands out.

How does BGRS positively impact clients and their employees?

Kate: Account owners are empowered to make decisions that support our clients. If we discover an issue, or see a way to make an improvement, we get to work on a solution right away. For example, we recently made some enhancements to the way we set up a client’s initiations for immigration services. We found a few gaps in the information the immigration supplier received; there was room streamline the process, minimizing the need to involve the client mobility team.

Our structure allows us to communicate across levels quickly and easily. We identified the information that was missing and made improvements, eliminating the defect and enhancing the process overall. We are inherently finding efficiency and focusing on the deliverables. Our structure is aptly named – global account ownership – because that is what we do, we take ownership, find solutions and support our clients. This ultimately breeds trust, which yields stronger partnerships.

Can you share an experience that portrays BGRS’s commitment to service excellence?

Kate: I think this comes down to understanding what commitment to service excellence means, and that is, in my opinion, exceeding expectations. Whether it is preempting a question, or fully answering a question, or managing a situation in the best way imaginable.

When things are not going well that idea is tested. For example, we had a situation where we were moving an employee from Saudi Arabia to Germany. Their goods unintentionally got on a boat heading to Singapore. Obviously, not a good situation, but the way we managed it differentiated BGRS. We immediately contacted the person affected, explained the situation, walked them through what will happen, how we are addressing the issue, and setting realistic expectations. We also worked with our supplier to understand the root cause and make improvements. Thinking through every angle and taking responsibility for the resolution is paramount.

How would you describe BGRS’s approach to service?

Kate: Flexibility and partnership. We are good at collaborating with our clients. We find solutions that fit into their required parameters by being adaptable and innovative. Flexibility is so necessary because we have diverse relocating populations and clients. Some employees have moved several times and they do not need all the details, but then there is always a way that you might be able to make their move just a bit smoother. On the other end of the spectrum, you have employees that have never traveled or moved before, and they are going to need a different approach.

The same can be said for our clients; there are clients that have never partnered with a talent mobility management organization before, and then there are those that have outsourced many times and know what they want from the relationship and how they want the service model to work. Our ability to support both extremes, and everyone in between, is what sets us apart and guarantees a first-rate service experience.