In the Spotlight: Enhancing the Employee Experience at BGRS

As an organization’s greatest asset, employees are at the heart of all that we do. In order to attract, retain, and develop our talent, BGRS remains dedicated to evolving the employee experience. BGRS’s Meena Sangar, Director, Human Resources, is In the Spotlight as she shares her insights on the ways we invest in our employees.

What is the BGRS employee experience and how does it relate to BGRS’s vision and mission?

Meena Sangar: Our employee experience focuses on putting our people at the center of our organization. Our organizational culture is rooted in the conviction that what we do has a direct and meaningful impact on our clients and their mobile employees, and our core values drive collaboration, a passion for doing the right thing, and inspire new ways of work. We are consciously investing in our people and ways to attract and develop top talent who will support the organization through our experience-driven transformation. From a notable employee onboarding experience to employee wellness initiatives, we strive to create an environment that enriches the overall employee experience.

Working in this environment allows our employees to embody our vision, by your side, looking ahead®, which focuses BGRS’s strategy and culture on delivering consultative advice and guidance in a collaborative approach with our clients. BGRS is transforming our customer experience to meet the needs of a dramatically changing mobile workforce. Our employees are at the heart of this transformation, so creating an exceptional employee experience enables us to provide an exceptional customer experience.

How is BGRS investing in the employee experience?

Meena: As a baseline, we provide a competitive total rewards package. Included in this is the flexible work arrangement (FWA) policies that focus on the work/life balance. Even before the global pandemic disruptions, we had various FWA policies in place spanning from telecommuting, flex-time arrangements, to compressed work schedules. Through open dialogue with each team, we ensured adequate coverage and support for our clients and their mobile employees, while also offering flexibility to our employees.

Since moving to fully remote work in March 2020, we have further refined our employee support framework with resources, such as a health and wellness intranet portal, employee newsletters, webinars, support programs, and guidance for people managers. We also focus on providing innovative tools to employees to perform their work and drive success for our clients. The modern workplace is evolving at lightning speed, with distributed teams and new business models. The right digital tools connect and support our employees, wherever they are, to encourage productivity, engagement, and collaboration.

Continuous learning is critical in today’s fast-changing business environment which is why we invest in offering developmental opportunities to all employees. Our talent development curriculum ranges from leadership development programs, competency-based skills training, self-directed e-learning to micro-learning moments for soft-skills development. In addition, a concept of an internal gig economy gives our employees the opportunity to use their skills to apply for various roles and projects outside of their core responsibilities. This allows our employees to expand their skills by participating in short-term projects.

Does BGRS embrace DEI as part of the employee experience?

Meena: At BGRS, we have a culturally diverse group of multi-generational employees and are strongly committed to employee diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). One of our organizational core values, we foster belonging, embodies the focus on DEI in our company’s culture. In addition, our DEI programs focus on encouraging open minds, open hearts, and open discussions and integrating DEI focus in all people-related practices from talent acquisition to talent development.

To keep up with the changing needs of our employees, it is important to remain empathetic about individual situations and remain flexible by going above and beyond to connect with teams and bring human touch in an increasingly virtual environment.