In the Spotlight: Digitalization of Talent Mobility – The People Lens

As the world of work transforms at an increasing pace, global workforces will need skillsets and behaviors radically different than those of the past. Nancy Brickwood, Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources, talks about how BGRS is preparing our own workforce In the Spotlight.

As a provider of talent mobility management services, what skills will distinguish BGRS employees in a rapidly changing environment?

Nancy Brickwood: Our approach to client partnerships has always been distinguished by our ability to adapt to and anticipate change as organizational strategies and realities evolve. The accelerating pace of change puts a premium on resourcefulness, innovation, and flexibility as primary skillsets that make us valued partners for our clients.

How do technological advances influence the working environment for BGRS employees?

Nancy: We’re seeing dramatic changes in service delivery, program management and our own work environment, underlaid by rapid technological advances and digitalization. New approaches are opening opportunities to blend technology and human interaction, generating a new kind of experience for relocating employees while they also support better data-driven decisions for mobility program managers. These advances bring opportunities to our employees, making service delivery support roles more consultative and encouraging expansion of existing skills, acquisition of new skills and possibilities for new career paths.

Can you share more initiatives that BGRS is implementing to support employees?

Nancy: Most recently we developed a new framework under the umbrella of the BGRS Digital Journey for Employees. It’s a holistic approach that fosters a culture of curiosity, continuous learning and transformational leadership. We’ve built our framework around four key pillars.

One of the pillars in the framework is a focus on organizational design that will enable quicker decision making; with faster communication and the creation of Centers of Excellence where there will be an infusion of new roles and niche skills. Employees also have a role in this transformation; they need to take ownership of keeping themselves informed and managing their talent development and career experience. We’re developing our leaders’ capabilities which are vital to take our organization forward, such as resiliency and leading through ambiguity. Leaders are at the frontline of our transformation. We want our leaders to encourage creative thinking in their teams as well, helping them to challenge the status quo and then making sure that new ideas are elevated and that teams are recognized for them. The final pillar is a new Digital Curriculum to promote learning agility and to help embed foundational knowledge about the transformation with all employees. This new curriculum will be implemented throughout 2019.

What will our new digitalization framework bring to BGRS?

Nancy: I’m very excited about this new framework. Essentially, it ensures that BGRS is investing in our workforce, which positions us to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing talent mobility area. It’s a roadmap that specifies the tools, training and technology that will generate new client solutions and equip our employees with the skills demanded by tomorrow’s workforce.