In the Spotlight: Home Sale


With over 39 years’ industry experience, Linda Graczyk, Director of Real Estate Services Operations, has a breadth of knowledge and expertise that is unmatched. She takes the time to share her deep understanding of the Home Sale and Inventory process In the Spotlight.

BGRS has a team dedicated to Home Sale administration and Real Estate Services. Tell us a little bit about the team.

Linda: Our team is made up of tenured experts who are armed with the tools and knowledge to help our clients sell properties effectively and efficiently. The team has an average tenure of 14 years, and many of them are former real estate brokers, sales professionals, and client services consultants. In addition to our team, we can tap into the resources of our preferred managed network of over 1,000 brokers providing access to nearly 50,000 agents. All these agents go through extensive training to ensure they provide the same level of excellent service our transferring employees and clients expect from BGRS.

Working with such a large extended network, how is the BGRS Real Estate Services team different from the services other relocation management companies might provide?

Linda: We work with our brokers to get the most recent comparable sales and competing listings to inform an accurate analysis of the property and the market. Looking at the market data through the lens of the team’s extensive experience allows us to develop recommendations for our clients. We want our clients to understand all their options and make the best decisions to achieve their goals.

Additionally, we work closely with the client services team and maintain a consultative approach throughout the entire process. Our consultants, who work directly with the transferring employee, are given all the information they need to offer marketing advice, help price and sell the home as quickly as possible, at the best price, and have the more difficult conversations. For example, when the value of the employee’s home may not be what he or she expected. We help the consultant have a frank conversation with the employee to help them understand their options and how to move forward. The home sale is such a key part of the relocation process. It’s important that transferring employees can depend on us to help them assess their next best steps.

We are realistic in our approach and do our best to set proper expectations. Being candid and painting a real picture of the market and of every option available is important in helping the transferring employee and the client make the best decisions to achieve their goals.

What are some key considerations for clients with Inventory homes and how does BGRS assist them?

Linda: to determine how a property compares to competing properties and make recommendations on a list price and what may need to be done to help sell it as quickly as possible. A key consideration, now that the property is vacant, may include a home warranty to protect the client from unexpected expenses while the property is in inventory. For example, if the furnace needs to be replaced or appliances need to be fixed, the home warranty will cover these repairs with only minimal cost to the client. The home warranty also serves as an incentive to potential buyers, because it protects the property for one year after it’s sold.

Another consideration is: Is the property neutralized and move-in ready? Maybe the employee was not in a position to make changes to the house to best position it for sale. Making small changes can often help sell the property faster. Maybe the property would benefit from staging. If the home is staged well, it may help buyers see the property’s full potential. Our team provides the client with recommendations and the latest information about the particular housing market to help them make the best decisions on what to do for selling in a timely fashion.

Have there been any innovative developments in Real Estate Services over the last five years?

Linda: Staying ahead of the market is the best asset for selling a home. We can help our clients showcase their properties over the competing listings. For example, we use a great product, called Virtual Staging. More and more buyers shop online for houses before they ever step foot in an open house. We see buyers crossing properties off their interest lists based on the pictures they pull up online for the property. To ensure our properties stand out from others in the neighborhood, we use Virtual Staging to add furniture and other décor to online photos. This often helps buyers visualize the potential of an empty property, and ultimately helps our client sell the property faster.
Additionally, for remote or very challenging properties, we work with an online auction company. This organization provides extended global exposure for properties that would otherwise have a very limited pool of buyers.

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