In the Spotlight: Elevating Data Security

Ongoing internal data security assessments and audits are essential to keeping mobility compliance programs on track. In the Spotlight, Rod McLeod, Vice President, Information Technology, speaks to the importance of ensuring that various controls, systems, and related processes are in place to keep mobility data secure.

What positions BGRS best, from a data security perspective, to service complex global programs?

Rod McLeod: Our client partnerships offer the opportunity to learn and apply standards from across industries. BGRS provides mobility management services to some of the largest global enterprises. These companies maintain rigorous security standards and we regularly undergo security audits and assessments by their compliance departments.

For example, our U.S. and Canadian Government clients and large pharmaceutical and financial multinational organizations have strict security standards in place, which elevate our security levels. We apply these stringent standards across the board to provide a higher level of security to all of our clients. In this way, our security program is purposefully complex and functions as a tightly-knit net to meet the data security demands of today’s global organizations.

BGRS has implemented a “defense in depth” approach to data security incorporating many layers of controls. How do we continue to elevate our standards, processes and systems to ensure data security?

Rod: Fulfilling requirements for security certifications is one way we demonstrate our commitment to security and test our controls and systems’ effectiveness. We’re always looking at different certifications and new opportunities to add to our security provisions. Certifications add complexity to our security net by challenging us and continually strengthening our programs and processes.

Security assessments and audits are also a critical part of our ongoing learning and training. An assessment differs from an audit because it is less formal and allows for a dialogue. We share solutions and learn ways to increase our strength and improve our security measures. An audit is more formal and helps us test the controls and systems we have in place. Both the assessments and audits are important for improvement. We are continually evolving and vigilant with our security measures.

Security needs are always changing because of new security risks and our evolving technological environment.

BGRS has recently completed many successful data security audits, what are the benefits for our clients?

Rod: Our team has been doing a lot of work on an ongoing basis to ensure we maintain security and compliance across our systems. A key element in our approach to security is education. We are always learning and improving. This year alone, we have successfully completed over a dozen program-wide client assessments and engaged in active dialogue with clients about data security. These conversations further enhance our security solutions and elevate our programs.

While every company can learn from larger security breaches or ransomware reports that gain public attention, we learn from these example as well as more specific scenarios from our clients.

We go beyond large scale issues and develop intricate solutions which bolster our overall security. The positive feedback we receive from the organizations we serve confirms our unique solutions. Our team continues to work very hard to maintain that edge for our clients and roll further safeguards into our data security solutions.

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