The ability to assess, monitor and track your globally mobile employees is a fundamental aspect to managing risk and ensuring your organization is compliant.

TripWise™ is an end-to-end solution designed to support organizations’ need to evaluate risk and manage compliance for both business travelers and remote workers – your entire distributed workforce.

Technology alone is not enough when it comes to managing risk. BGRS’s TripWise is a complete solution which takes all stakeholder needs into account under one umbrella; technology to track, and controls to support compliance, plus our teams support to assess risk levels and ensure comprehensive monitoring. We will deliver a complete solution from program assessment or design, technology configuration, expert team providing ongoing program and risk exposure management, as well as an established and managed global supply chain network.

Our offering of core and auxiliary services enabled by technology allows us to provide a tailored holistic experience to meet all your needs.

Partnering with BGRS yields:

  • An innovative solution to your business traveler and remote worker requirements
  • Application of proven concepts and solution components including best-in-class technologies
  • The TripWise Solution Team of experts who will provide core services, such as solution design and implementation, ongoing support and compliance monitoring, deep analysis, and actionable insight
  • An extended network of both BGRS professionals and third-party providers deliver auxiliary services, such as policy consulting, employee and vendor payments, invoice audits and compensation collection


For more information on our TripWise Solution, contact our TripWise Solution Team at [email protected].