As an end-to-end service provider, we are in a unique position to aggregate data and metrics related to your mobility program and provide management reporting, program analytics and recommendations based on your specific program criteria.

BGRS’s world-class analytic tools facilitate decision making across a wide spectrum of critical metrics. We provide access to customizable reports that analyze program performance and mobility spend. Your BGRS account management team will leverage the data to provide deeper insight and highlight cost savings opportunities.

The detail of reporting is limited only by the amount of information you provide to us. The ReloAccess platform is adaptive and allows for any data we hold on your behalf to be provided in a variety of formats.

Partnering with BGRS yields:

  • In-depth, transparent and globally consistent view of your mobility program data that ensures better business decision-making
  • Ability to track relocation volume and costs more accurately, leading to a higher degree of compliance and improved forecasting of future mobility costs
  • Real time access to key program metrics such as assignment cost, customer satisfaction results, population demographics, policy trends, exceptions, repatriation schedules and resource planning
  • Ability to drill down into data and present information in multiple ways and variety of outputs

BGRS’s analytic tool provides real-time information and trending analysis in a dashboard view, enabling you to use the data to develop a full picture of your mobility program. Areas of analysis include: activity and assignment volume, full financial information, policy exceptions and customer satisfaction metrics. By leveraging the self-service reporting functionality within our service portal, ReloAccess, you can access existing reports or create ad hoc queries to detail or summarize information captured within the system.

We can work closely with you to develop customized domestic and international relocation reporting packages that provide comprehensive trend analysis, and support forecasting and effective management of your mobility program.