We recognize that each mobility leader’s needs are specific to their organization’s business objectives. We will work with you to design and scale the right service delivery model for your organization while striving to become a seamless extension of your mobility team.

We have more than 55 years of experience designing and administering international and domestic talent mobility programs. Our service delivery model is an essential component to our successful long-term partnerships with some of the world’s leading corporations as well as the governments of the United States and Canada.

Aligning services to specific program requirements is crucial to a successful mobility program management and results from an understanding of the client’s philosophy and culture. Our focus on flexibility and customization is overlaid by standard operating procedures, training and a single technology platform.

Partnering with BGRS yields:

  • Improved employee experience, greater program compliance and the opportunity to contain costs through effective management of the end-to-end relocation process
  • Dedicated account management team and centralized approach to managing your mobility program while supporting local constituents
  • Single point of coordination with complete accountability for your employees’ service delivery
  • Technology-enabled service delivery and stringent data privacy and protection that reduces administrative burden and ensures consistency and compliance for relocating employees and business travelers alike
  • Complete transparency of all mobility program data, ability to track, manage cost and compliance, obtain financial reporting and comprehensive program analytics

End-to-End Program Administration

We offer a complete portfolio of program administration, financial management, supply chain management, program design and advisory services. We have the resources, infrastructure and experience to provide a service delivery model to meet your unique needs. Our multi-regional presence allows us to centralize your program coordination globally while offering essential local support to your relocating employees.

Dedicated Account Management Team

Every client benefits from a single global account owner who has a full ownership of all aspects of service delivery. Regional account managers and a team of mobility consultants support global account owners. Our global consistency, compliance and control is founded on a commitment to measurable, superior service.

The BGRS mobility consultant serves as an advocate for the relocating employee and their family. Their ability to set expectations and communicate your entitlements is integral to ensuring both policy compliance and employee satisfaction. Using our global service platform with its automated processes and workflow, our consultants deliver services with unwavering consistency, compliance and control.

Technology-Enabled Service Delivery

We enable consistent management of your mobility program through our global operating system. We operate from an integrated web-based platform that aggregates the service delivery, billing and management reporting related data.

Our secure online portal, ReloAccess, provides your mobility team with full visibility over every element of their program, and allows relocating employees access to information about all aspects of their relocation process. ReloAccess is also available via the ReloAccess mobile app, fully integrated with our systems to ensure that you and your employees have real-time access to applications, resources and support from any device.

Complementing our technology offering, BGRS’s lump sum online tool,, provides cost-effective support, tools, vetted supplier choices, and flexibility to employees receiving lump sum benefits, while allowing them to retain full control of their relocation. BGRS has also partnered with Benivo, a leader in digital relocation solutions for employees, to enhance our suite of self-serve offerings with a dynamic solution for self-service destination support.

Extended business travelers are increasingly becoming a responsibility of Global Mobility teams. BGRS’s TripWise is a technology-powered solution that helps organizations mitigate risk and ensure their corporate business travelers meet immigration and tax compliance requirements.

Data Security

We understand that security and data protection is a significant and growing concern for our clients. We not only focus on meeting data protection and privacy requirements, but we are also rigorous in safeguarding our clients’ and their relocating employees’ information. Our dedicated security team defines, monitors, educates and enforces our security program. Our data security framework is audited and assessed by third parties. In addition, our security program undergoes a stringent review from many of our clients, which includes government agencies of the United States and Canada as well as global financial institutions.