Successful international assignments are dependent on selecting the right people and ensuring they have the intercultural competence to succeed.

We offer a full range of customizable solutions to support candidate assessment and selection, training programs that build intercultural and language competence, and coaching throughout an assignment to repatriation. The BGRS Intercultural Group boasts expertise gained from more than 50 years in the industry and an ability to leverage a managed-network of more than 400 intercultural trainers that can deliver services in any global destination.

Partnering with BGRS yields:

  • Comprehensive service portfolio of in-person and online training
  • Proprietary, research-based training methodology and cutting-edge training materials that incorporate the latest theoretical models and facilitation trends
  • Training programs tailored to your employees’ needs to fit their learning style, assignment type, employee experiences and training delivery requirements
  • Vetted and carefully selected intercultural trainers for each program based on your employees’ needs and location
  • Local subject matter experts who bring relevant country information and focus on specific family or business issues supplementing our intercultural trainers
  • Proprietary tools and exclusive country-specific resources available on multiple platforms including mobile


Candidate Assessment and Development

Our solutions are designed to supplement the selection process by increasing the candidate’s self-awareness, assessing cultural competence, and identifying opportunities for coaching and development. We will work with you to incorporate the services into your talent management and mobility processes. We can aid in creating candidate pools, selecting and preparing candidates for assignment and developing your high-potential employees.

Expat Advantage Program: Building Intercultural Competence

Expat Advantage training programs are built to develop cultural awareness, knowledge and skills for employees with all levels of international experience. We also deliver training for spouses/partners, children and accompanying dependents.

Using a consultative and highly flexible approach, we deliver face to face, virtual, and web-based learning options. Additionally, CultureWizard™ an online resource exclusively incorporated into BGRS’s solutions, and powered by RW3, offers online training modules and cultural information covering more than 160 countries.

Coaching Advantage: Intercultural Solutions Focused Coaching

Coaching is an integral component of the international assignment lifecycle designed to support expatriates and spouses/partners while on assignment. Coaching Advantage solutions are highly customized one-on-one sessions helping your employees and spouses/partners identify solutions to challenges encountered on international assignment.

Repat Advantage Program: Planning for Reintegration

Repatriation represents the final stage of the international assignment lifecycle—the transition back to the home country. Repat Advantage training programs are designed to help expatriates plan and prepare for their transition home, and support retaining and utilizing the skills of returning expatriates who have valuable, newly acquired international experience, networks and insights.

With customized solutions, the Repat Advantage Program is designed to mitigate the challenges of repatriation by proactively planning a successful reintegration both personally and professionally.

Online Intercultural Resources

CultureWizard™ is an easy and cost-effective way to offer cultural resources and knowledge to employees working across cultures, short-term assignees, or business travelers. We offer an individual purchase option as well as a company-wide online solution to support your employees.

We offer an easy-to-use online portal for individual purchase. Contact us for more information about enterprise-wide licenses to prepare your organization for global success.

Global Business Training

Our intercultural offering goes beyond just the needs of your relocating employees. To execute your company’s global business strategy, it is vital for your employees, working as a part of multicultural or cross-border teams, to have solid intercultural skills. We deliver leadership development programs, multicultural and virtual team building training, and cultural business training to ensure seamless integration of companies’ cultures, as a result of a merger and acquisition.

Language Training

We offer instructor-led and online language training for your employees and accompanying family members at the start or for the duration of their assignment. To maximize learning and utilization we provide self-paced online training programs and blended learning packages. This includes a combination of in-person training, or virtual instructor-led training and self-paced online training.