The ability to monitor and track your globally mobile employees is a fundamental aspect to managing risk and ensuring your organization is compliant.

Our immigration management and business travel risk assessment services are designed to support our clients’ compliance with cross-border mobility requirements.

Our immigration services encompass consultancy, case management, tracking and reporting to ensure compliance, consistency and an appropriately timed hand-off to other services delivered during your employees’ relocation process.

Our business travel risk management solution, TripWise, offers an innovative, tiered approach that combines technology with professional oversight.

Partnering with BGRS yields:

  • Ability to ensure comprehensive compliance risk management of all of your globally mobile employees
  • Flexibility through multiple tiers of support for business travel risk assessment
  • Robust tracking and reporting to identify and manage immigration and tax compliance risks for business travelers
  • End-to-end immigration case management in line with the rest of the mobility support  for a cohesive employee experience
  • Tracking and reporting of your employees’ immigration status to ensure compliance for the duration of their overseas assignment
  • Optimized service delivery model offering a choice of vetted local and global immigration providers dependent on market and process complexities
  • Ongoing monitoring of changes in immigration legislation


Business Travel Risk Assessment

BGRS’s business travel risk assessment solution, TripWise, supports risk management for business travelers through a powerful, industry leading technology.  We offer multiple tiers of support, each underpinned by robust tracking and reporting.

A basic self-service model is available as is a full service support model that offers ongoing traveler support, frequent touch points with your internal owners, and close partnership with immigration and tax providers.

We partner with you to build and implement a comprehensive delivery model aligned to your business operations and including key stakeholders.  Our dedicated in-house team has in-depth knowledge of the compliance risks associated with business travel. That team becomes the touch point for you and your traveling employees.

Immigration Management

We partner with you to implement an immigration service delivery model aligned to your talent mobility objectives and your mobile workforce profile. Our hybrid immigration service delivery model combines the strengths of local, regional and global immigration service providers to deliver custom and cost effective solutions based on country combinations and case complexity.

Our service delivery teams are supported by immigration supply chain category experts to deliver immigration support beyond the purely transactional scope of work. Our partner network is trained to support the relocating employee, share immigration expertise and know-how in a timely manner using jargon-free language and to ensure you are kept fully abreast of the law and policy changes affecting global talent mobility.