The long-term success of a group move can be measured by how well the company’s business objectives were met – retention of key talent, meeting established budgets, minimizing business disruption, and employee and family satisfaction with how the transition was managed.

Each group move presents unique challenges and opportunities.  We guide our clients by developing tailored solutions and timelines based on tested approaches and decades of successful group move project management.

BGRS’s dedicated Group Move Consulting Services team has been called upon for over 40 years to help companies efficiently plan, budget and manage every facet of their domestic and international group moves. Whether driven by consolidation, merger, acquisition, expansion or another critical business initiative, we have the experience and innovative solutions to provide high-quality support customized to your organization’s objectives and the needs of your employees and their accompanying families.

Partnering with BGRS yields:

  • Proven methodology and customized solutions to manage risks and reduce business disruption.
  • Employee and family decision-making support, maximizing move acceptance, and minimizing loss of key talent.
  • Robust tools and online resources that ensure efficient communication and management of the relocation process.


Strategic Business Support Services

We will work with you to create and roll out a strategy and project plan tailored to your business needs, organizational culture and employee demographics. Menu-based options include:

  • Strategy development and project planning
  • Analysis of potential challenges
  • Employee retention and attrition estimates
  • Employee surveys
  • Budget development
  • Marketplace assessment
  • Group move policy and program design
  • Announcements and on-going employee communications development
  • Online Registration System

Employee and Family Decision-Making Support Services

Providing support and information to each employee and their family is critical to their ability to make informed decisions. We will help you support your employees by providing:

  • Group policy briefings
  • Group Area Overview presentation
  • Tailored online resource guides on the destination(s)
  • Resource Centers, providing a hub of information and resources
  • Group destination orientation meetings
  • Planning and onsite facilitation of Group Area Familiarization Trips