We mastered the mobility accounting lifecycle and have the infrastructure necessary to provide innovative solutions for processing, disbursing and reporting mobility related spend. Our financial solutions have been developed to take the complexity and administrative cost out of the relocation process.

We are part of Relo Group Inc, the leading provider of mobility-related services globally. Relo Group’s core business is relocation and is publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Relo Group provides BGRS with the financial strength and stability to sustain long-term partnerships with the world’s largest organizations.

We manage in between $2 billion and $2.5 billion per year in disbursements globally for our client base and can make payments in more than 135 countries. In addition, we have secured our own global structured financing solution to fund our clients’ mobility programs.

Our Client Financial Services Team consists of more than 350 personnel strategically located in our regional service centers to ensure that they are close to the service teams supporting our clients’ local and regional operations.

Partnering with BGRS yields:

  • Accurate payments, timely reporting and detailed analytics
  • Significant removal of internal administration from real-time collection and coding of relocation cost data
  • Flexible billing and funding options
  • Enhanced relocating employee satisfaction through improved expense processing times, consistent experience and a single point of contact for any questions
  • Mobility program cost containment via accounting controls and supervision that reduces financial risk


Funding and Billing

We have the resources to fund all transactions associated with your mobility including employee reimbursements, supplier payments, recurring payments, and landlord and tax entities while offering peace of mind that payments will be made in a timely manner.

Supplier Invoice Payments

We manage all recurring payments and payments to vendors on your behalf. Each supplier payment and recurring payment passes through a number of rigorous audit steps to ensure adherence to your policy. Regular and ongoing payments such as allowances, rent and school fees are monitored for service termination dates.

Employee Expense Processing

Your employees can submit expense reports online. We have the ability to tailor our systems to you program parameters based on your company’s specific expense matrices and expense accounts. We also audit your employees’ expense claims against your policy. Expenses are reimbursed to the relocating employee’s chosen account (home, host or third country) in a currency of their choice. Our accounting controls and oversight reduce, where legislatively applicable, your exposure to financial risk.

Program Cost Reporting

During our normal course of business, we receive, audit, approve and pay a wide variety of costs for relocating employees including disbursements, allowances and expenses. We track all payments on your behalf to provide a real-time summary of all costs by employee, policy type, specific benefits, departure or destination country, and program overall. We have the ability to customize our systems to your specific expense accounts for seamless integration of cost data back into your accounting systems.