When global organizations partner with us to administer their mobility program, they gain a partner that not only facilitates their mobility program operations but also helps strategically optimize and implement their mobility program.

BGRS’s Consulting Services practice partners with clients to provide value-add consultative solutions and support in creation of innovative, cost effective, compliant and adaptable talent mobility programs.

Drawing on operational expertise of an average 20 years of industry experience from serving a diverse cross‐section of global companies, as well as in mobility in-house roles, our seasoned Consulting Services Group identifies creative and practical ways to meet your talent mobility objectives. With knowledge of regional nuances, coupled with a global perspective, we offer you a unique blend of consulting expertise.

Partnering with BGRS yields:

  • A team of experienced professionals that provide consultative, creative and practical advice to meet a wide variety of your talent mobility needs
  • Comprehensive, analytical review and development of your talent mobility policies to keep your policy structure and benefits aligned to the evolving business needs
  • In‐depth analysis of your talent mobility program to enable an effective, efficient overall program design that best aligns with your mobility strategy and business objectives
  • Industry-leading thought leadership


Global Policy Consultancy

Utilizing the latest industry survey and trend data, as well as engaging with our client base, we provide policy consultancy on a wide array of topics ranging from individual policy components to the entire global mobility policy structure review. This approach allows you to compare the competitive nature of your policy benefits to those offered by other companies, as well as distinguish unique policy characteristics that may benefit your programs. We partner with you to offer recommendations based on a broad understanding of your company’s business objectives, talent mobility strategy, budget, and culture.

Global Mobility Program Optimization

Successful talent mobility management involves unique challenges and opportunities which often require creative and highly customized review and analysis to determine the most effective solutions. We offer in‐depth analysis of your mobility activity, program structure and processes. Contemporary program review and recommendations are provided using feedback from your employees, focus groups, benchmark studies and data from industry resources as well as assessments of service delivery models and outsourcing. We also provide recommendations and support as you expand into new or challenging markets, design and launch new product/service, and help you manage change offering project management tools, training support and subject matter expertise.

Thought Leadership

We are dedicated to bringing the latest mobility industry information to the forefront, focusing not only on current industry trends but also anticipating the future course of talent mobility. In addition to publishing thought provoking articles and compelling research, we also create our annual award-winning Global Mobility Trends Survey. Whether facilitating a roundtable session or workshop, speaking at an industry event or contributing to industry publications, we are at the forefront in helping shape the present and future of the talent mobility industry.