Robotic Process Automation Enhances Customer Experience

October 2, 2020

The opportunities and benefits to implementing robotic process automation (RPA) are abundant. RPA enhances cycle times, increases efficiencies of critical, but manual tasks, and in turn, empowers employees to focus on the types of deliverables that enhance the client and customer experience.

As technology innovations continue to contribute to mobility’s role as a strategic partner to organizations, BGRS remains focused and engaged in designing tailored solutions that best fit our clients and their mobile employees’ needs.

Following the establishment of our Automation Center of Excellence, which focuses on process optimization and intelligent automation, BGRS successfully implemented various iterations of RPA into our service delivery solutions. Through our introduction of BOT technology, business essential, but manual and repetitive tasks are now automated, enabling our employees to focus more closely on the needs of the mobile employee base we serve. Our consultants are more available to focus on the meaningful moments during a mobile employee’s relocation and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

BGRS has begun utilizing three new BOTs that reduce manual data entry, improve accuracy and data integrity, and decrease processing times for documents. A recently implemented broker selection BOT can quickly identify and match a broker in a specific geographical area based on predefined qualifications. This RPA implementation reduces processing time and allows BGRS employees to be available to offer more support in other areas of the home sale process. The next newly implemented BOT enhances billing processes by reducing human effort required to maintain and manage key client billing data, allowing for more capacity for work requiring human touch. Finally, we have recently introduced a new solution that decreases the processing time for storing documents in customer records. This BOT increases consistency, processing times, and improves data security. By utilizing this BOT, we are able to ensure more accurate and timely access to documentation for our clients and customers. BGRS also has more capacity to support our clients and their mobile employees on a personal level, improving the end-to-end experience.

“As we continue to evolve how we deliver our services through design-led solutions that fit the needs of each unique mobile employee, we are continuously looking for more ways we can be present and available to our clients and their mobile employees,” said Tara Nielson, Senior Vice President, Global Operational Support. “The implementation of RPA into our service delivery helps us remain committed to an outstanding customer experience by reducing the amount of cycle times in our processes, and provide our clients and their mobile employees the information they need in a quick and efficient manner to better enable them to make decisions.”

To learn more about how BGRS is utilizing artificial intelligence to support our clients, their mobile employees, and the end-to-end experience we deliver, click here.