Innovative Solutions for Mid-Size Employee Mobility Programs

September 9, 2020

Powered by cutting-edge digital tools, BGRS brings over 50 years of experience serving global clients across all industry verticals, to provide end-to-end solutions to organizations with mid-size employee mobility programs.

In alignment with, and supported by, Relo Group’s vision and commitment to becoming the world leader in mobility services we are increasing the number of organizations that we serve in the market through the creation of our Portfolio Client Group. Our continued focus on the mobile employee experience and investment in technology and innovation enable BGRS to offer expert guidance to a broader segment of organizations with an international and/or domestic mobile workforce.

The expansion, to serve organizations with mid-size mobility programs, is a natural extension to our core strengths of a digitally-enabled, fully flexible and personalizable customer experience model, supported by an integrated independent mobility supply chain. We have successfully guided many of our clients through years of their mobility programs’ evolution, from supporting changing business needs to geographical footprint expansion, to the transformation of their approach to supporting their mobile workforce. Designing innovative service solutions for organizations with mid-size mobility programs gives us an opportunity to tailor an already established, configurable, customer experience foundation.

“With the establishment of our Portfolio Group, in addition to our current Enterprise and Government segments, BGRS uniquely matches our teams’ specific expertise to the critical needs and requirements within each of these distinct segments,” said John Arcario, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.

BGRS is the only relocation management firm that has a distinct approach to client segmentation for all of the organizations it serves ensuring unrivaled attention and expertise through focused dedication. Our clients, in every segment we serve, benefit from a(n):

  • Account management support structure designed for segment-specific needs, combined with access to a deep bench of subject matter experts.
  • In-house consulting resources with the tools and expertise to assess and optimize talent mobility programs and policy suites in alignment with the organization’s needs.
  • Proven implementation framework, specifically designed for long term success along with speed and consistency.
  • Digital solutions supporting mobility managers’ and mobile employees’ needs at a very personal level through a wide range of service delivery options including BGRSflex™, our core/flex benefits management solution.
  • Peer network of organizations that have similar mobility needs and objectives. A client services team member that has expertise with organizations that have similar experiences, activities, and programs like yours.

If you are seeking an experienced partner that will be by your side, looking ahead™, to accompany and guide you on your organization’s mobility journey, BGRS is in it for the long haul, focused on making it personal for each of our clients and their mobile employees.

Contact us to learn more about how BGRS can support you and your organization on your mobility journey.