Discard and Donate Program Lessens Environmental Impact

July 22, 2019

BGRS’s Discard and Donate program continues to reduce household goods relocation costs and help organizations’ achieve their green initiative goals.

Through the Discard and Donate program, BGRS provides relocating employees with the opportunity to work with our suppliers to discard or donate any household good items they no longer need or want before their move. The service offers clients a modern solution to achieving their green goals, reducing their carbon footprint and realizing their household goods cost savings.

In 2018, the environmentally-conscious, cost saving program expanded into the UK market, in addition to the U.S. and Canada, showing a steady climb in utilization and overall client savings with over 60 percent of mobile employees utilizing the service when offered. On average, the program saves more than $1,100 USD per move.

Last year, the program also reduced cardboard and paper usage by over 27,000 pounds and saved over 11,000 gallons in fuel by eliminating the need to pack and transport unwanted household goods.

“Since we began piloting this program, the metrics exhibited positive impacts towards reducing ecological footprints,” said Dan Mack, Vice President, Transportation Services. “Now that the Discard and Donate program has fully launched and even expanded for more than a year, we are thrilled to share these successful metrics and partner with our clients with another approach that can support them in reaching their environmental goals while contributing to the overall success of their mobility programs.”

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