Discard and Donate Program Expands to APAC

November 26, 2019

BGRS’s Discard and Donate program expands the offering to China and Hong Kong.

In response to growing interest from BGRS’s clients and partners, our Discard and Donate program has expanded to China and Hong Kong.

Home Sweet Home did extensive design pre-work, testing and training in Hong Kong and China to create a Discard and Donate service that would meet the same quality standards and provide a comparable level of service.

The program provides BGRS’s clients’ mobile employees with the opportunity to downsize their shipments by reducing household goods transport, simplifying the move process and saving costs in return.

The cost saving program began in U.S. and Canada and in 2017, and expanded into the UK in 2018, showing a steady climb in utilization and overall client savings with over 65 percent of mobile employees utilizing the service when offered. On average, the program saves more than $1,200 USD per move.

Additionally, the program continues to help organizations achieve their green initiative goals by reducing the use of paper goods and fuel.

“Since the release of the Discard and Donate program, we are continuously seeing an increase in demand for this offering,” said Dan Mack, Vice President, Transportation Services. “Relocating employees want to save time and energy when preparing for their move. Through this program, we are putting our clients and their mobile employees first by making those wants achievable.”

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