BGRS’s Donation Service Supports Environmental Sustainability

July 18, 2017

BGRS’s Discard & Donate service cultivates environmentally friendly practices for relocating employees and helps organizations achieve their green initiative goals while reducing relocation cost.

As organizations focus on developing sustainable practices, BGRS is now offering clients an innovative solution to help achieve their green goals and reduce their carbon footprint. It also helps them realize cost savings at the same time.

BGRS’s Discard & Donate is a new service that provides relocating employees and their families the opportunity to discard or donate items prior to their household goods move taking place. As part of this service, employee’s partner with a BGRS-vetted third-party professional organizer who will help them collect and then donate or discard items that they no longer need or want prior to their move. The service includes coordinating the removal of discarded items through charitable organizations or trash removal services. The employee also receives the tax receipt for any donated items.

Additionally, relocating employees’ save time and energy when preparing for their moves. It eliminates the need for packing of these items, thereby reducing the amount of waste produced during the relocation. By reducing the size of household goods shipments, companies can also realize cost savings to their overall mobility program.

BGRS’s Dan Mack, Vice President, Global Transportation Services said, “Clients have shown a great deal of interest in this program and the initial pilot yielded high levels of satisfaction. The metrics reported show early indications of significant reductions in environmental impact.”

BGRS is excited to be offering this service to the global mobility industry and is pleased to be helping our clients achieve their environmental goals as well as their talent management objectives. To learn more about the benefits of Discard & Donate and its availability, read our most recent In the Spotlight: A New Green Initiative.