BGRS’s Design-Led Reporting Capabilities Enhance Client Experience

September 1, 2021

Newly introduced reporting features, developed with extensive input from clients, are tailored to mobility program needs with deeper analysis and program insights.

BGRS’s commitment to continually enhancing the client and customer experience is reflected in the most recent enhancements to its reporting capabilities. A design-led approach, including conversations and focus groups with a broad group of clients, led to the development of new capabilities. They reflect the reporting needs of managers and key mobility stakeholders, with fully customizable options including at-a-glance dashboards, uniquely designed filter options, drill down capabilities, and internal tailoring and sharing.

A visually engaging geospatial map makes it easy for clients to look at their program data on a macro level by volume, cost, and exceptions. It also allows clients to filter the data by components such as business unit, geographic area, and date range, and drill down to get deeper analytical insights into specific areas. Viewing data across multiple program areas enables clients to answer program-critical questions such as primary drivers of costs or exception rates, and the Power BI platform makes it easy for them to tailor the reports according to their company’s needs and share easily with key individuals within the organization. Clients with BGRSflex™ programs also gain increased insight into the flex allocations their employees are selecting, enabling them to better assess policy and program decisions.

“Our clients’ input really drove the design of our reporting capabilities, and will continue to do so” says Clarence Steele, Director of Business Intelligence for BGRS. “We’ll be keeping our pulse on their needs as we continually enhance our reporting, giving them visibility into the forces that are affecting their programs in a rapidly changing environment.”