BGRSflex™ Enhancements to Meet Growing Demand for Core/Flex Mobility Programs

October 4, 2021

The latest BGRSflex™ enhancements, interactive flex benefits dashboard and end of move calculator, enable decision-making for mobility leaders.

Availability of actionable data to guide mobility leaders’ program decisions is critical in today’s fast-moving mobility environment. We’re excited to share the latest enhancements to BGRSflex which drive greater access to data and reflect a growing demand for core/flex mobility programs along with our ongoing investment in our core/flex solution.

Our enhanced interactive BGRSflex dashboard gives Mobility Managers access to aggregated analytics of employee flex benefits selections, comparative insights, and the ability to benchmark and adjust benefit allowances to maintain the competitiveness of their core/flex policy. The dashboard is designed to provide insight into benefits utilization and budget allocation across employee segments, geographies, and policy types. Mobility Managers can drill down into the specifics of their program to focus on flex benefits spend and demographic analysis program-wide as well as down to the individual employee level.

In today’s volatile environment, the move end dates may change, whether due to extensions, early returns, or a need for a sequential assignment. BGRS’s end of move calculator supports our clients by estimating the cost impact of the end of move date changes. The calculator enables comparative scenario planning and decision-making by offering comparisons based on available spend and adjustments to the benefits structure resulting from the end of move date changes.

Our latest enhancements to BGRSflex are designed to meet the evolving demand of this solution and were developed in partnership with a growing number of clients who are currently using BGRSflex. We’re focused on close collaboration with our clients and continuous investment as we implement our roadmap to drive an enhanced employee experience through choice and flexibility,” says John Gennaro, Vice President, Business Integration and the Product Owner of BGRSflex.

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