BGRS Unveils Core/Flex Technology

March 28, 2019

BGRS introduces core/flex technology to enable and support highly personalized service delivery for multi-generational mobile employees seeking choice in the way they consume policy benefits.

Organizations are continuously looking to enhance the employee experience by providing tailored benefits delivery options that meet an array of preferences across an ever-diversifying population of mobile employees. BGRS has addressed this challenge with new technology that enables a highly personalized service experience. “Delivering on the trend towards a consumerization of benefits delivery is core to our digital strategy,” stated John Arcario, Senior Vice President Global Marketing and Strategy. “Mobile, multi-generational employees are looking for more options in the way they can consume benefit offerings available to them.”

Like other offerings in BGRS’s expanding digital ecosystem, our core/flex technology offers a new and flexible approach to optimizing talent mobility programs. Core/flex technology will be seamlessly accessible through ReloAccess, BGRS’s portal for mobile employees and program managers. Through an intuitive user interface, employees can now reallocate funds across benefits and track spend real-time, while easily accessing recommendations and model scenarios. Core/flex policies deliver both flexibility and cost effectiveness by offering a combination of core benefits along with the ability for employees to elect additional “flex” benefits specific to their individual needs. By ensuring that the core benefits include elements essential to assignment success and corporate compliance, this approach to mobility benefit service delivery can mitigate risk while simultaneously delivering an enhanced employee experience. Core/flex programs have been complex to implement and administer efficiently, which has led to ongoing interest in better solutions to support its use in talent mobility programs. BGRS’s new release offers a design and delivery solution that organizations have been seeking in the market.

Joe Genautis, Chief Information Officer, points to the fact that core/flex is an example of organizations moving away from traditional relocation benefits packages and, as they do so, increasingly looking to tech-enabled solutions that help them strike a balance between structured and agile. “BGRS’s new core/flex technology supports this,” says Genautis. “Our platform makes it easier for Global Mobility managers to administer the approach, a key consideration when considering the use of core/flex in mobility programs. It also facilitates BGRS’s ability to deliver data-driven advisory support about program and policy development by capturing data on employee choices, usage and program impact.”

Read more about our approach to mobility program administration and our focus on delivering flexible support to ensure the success of our clients’ mobility objectives in our recent Spotlight with BGRS’s Aric Pasquill, Manager, Client Technology.

For more information on BGRS’s core/flex policy and our flexible offerings, contact your BGRS representative.