BGRS Launches Digital Global Marketplace for Temporary Living

April 30, 2019

BGRS has launched an innovative global marketplace for temporary housing, powered by a dynamic digital platform from Urbandoor.

BGRS continues to add to its suite of technology-enabled solutions, the latest being a new global marketplace for temporary housing powered by a dynamic digital platform from Urbandoor. Like other offerings in BGRS’s expanding digital ecosystem, this solution represents a new, flexible approach to optimize talent mobility programs across an expanding multi-generational employee base, combining BGRS’s proven global experience and housing options with a vastly expanded property portfolio and seamless online access from Urbandoor.

Companies benefit from a wide selection of professionally vetted units and consistent global standards, ensuring Duty of Care compliance and high comfort levels, while employee-friendly features make shopping and comparison easy. Increased inventory choices and process efficiencies save time and drive competition for additional cost control opportunities.

“Temporary housing is a significant component of global mobility programs, impacting company spend, program performance and the employee experience,” says John Arcario, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Strategy. “Our new global housing marketplace model addresses all three areas, reflecting BGRS’s commitment to bring flexible, tech-enabled solutions to meet the needs of the multi-generational mobile employees we serve.”

The marketplace will be integrated with ReloAccess, BGRS’s robust management portal for clients and employees.

Read more about BGRS’s approach to mobility program administration and our focus on delivering flexible support to ensure the success of our client’s mobility objectives.

For more information on BGRS’s partnership with Urbandoor and our newly enhanced temporary housing marketplace, contact your BGRS representative.