BGRS Introduces Virtual Destination Services

July 8, 2022

BGRS’s new Virtual Destination Services solution is designed to meet organizations’ growing demand to effectively expand coverage of destination services to traditionally underserved employee segments.

Companies are looking for ways to strengthen their employer brand with valuable offerings that attract and retain top talent. What we are witnessing now is a significant rebalancing of the world of work, as well as a growth of new mobility types and locations. Effective destination services can contribute to a positive mobile employee experience. This is especially true in times of tight real estate markets and evolving living standards in key mobility destinations.

BGRS is launching Virtual Destination Services to proactively meet growing demand for cost-effective coverage of destination services for mobile employees who traditionally do not receive formal support. This solution is ideal for short-term assignments, graduate moves, lump-sum or less complex, unaccompanied moves to major global locations. Clients will now be able to expand globally consistent support – and with minimal additional resources.

According to Mark Adkins, Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain Management & Procurement at BGRS, “Offering choice and flexibility is a key part of mobility solutions at BGRS. Right now, organizations are competing to address the needs of an evolving workforce and attract, retain, and develop the best talent. As the types of mobility continue to broaden, so does the support each employee segment needs.

At this time, Virtual Destination Services is offered in 42 destinations worldwide, with plans to expand both scope and coverage. Our fixed-fee model provides clients with flexibility and control over their budgets.

What’s unique about BGRS’s Virtual Destination Services?

Our Virtual Destination Services offering is designed to go beyond standard solutions in a similar category. Three distinct modules provide choice and flexibility, based on the organizations’ business requirements and employee profile. The modules range from a fully self-guided experience to a guided service bundle, supported by a dedicated virtual consultant.

The service scope has been carefully curated to provide all key elements of destination support and deliver a consistent BGRS mobility experience across all mobile employee segments. BGRS’s clients benefit from streamlined service initiations and service-usage tracking across their entire mobile population.

Virtual Destination Services are delivered through an intuitive, customizable, mobile application that leverages machine learning. Mobile employees have easy access to an immersive, on-demand experience with access to local expertise and a network of specialist third-party service providers.

BGRS’s new Virtual Destination Services solution allows clients to complement their traditional destination services programs by a technology-driven service to ultimately meet the needs of their entire mobile workforce.