BGRS Introduces Supplier Integration Platform

March 28, 2020

BGRS’s supplier integration tool optimizes our approach to maintain transparent and efficient supplier management through a next-generation digital platform, powered by Wax Digital.

BGRS’s platform, Partner Relationship and Information Management Engine (PRIME), powered by a leader in eProcurement solutions, Wax Digital, integrates BGRS with our supplier systems to provide a 360-degree view of our engagements – spanning the entire supplier lifecycle from sourcing for inclusion in BGRS’s network to reporting real-time metrics associated with services delivered.

With more than 1,900 suppliers in BGRS’s global network, the ability to gather, organize, store, and easily disseminate all required supply chain data through PRIME’s workflow capabilities and architecture drives efficiencies for BGRS, our clients, and supplier partners alike.

With PRIME, BGRS provides even greater supplier transparency, improved governance, compliance tracking, client-specific performance monitoring, and better access to spend analytics and enhanced reporting. Clients can utilize this platform to enhance cost savings by enabling the opportunity to consistently monitor ROI for services delivered, while also keeping in mind the balance of performance and associated satisfaction metrics.

PRIME expands on BGRS’s innovative approaches to deliver supply chain services to clients, including offering customers more choices and greater control over their move experience.

“For any supply chain, seamless integration and collaboration between service partners is critical. Our focus on seamless integration, collaboration, and commitment to shared values enables our partners to excel in their fields while driving process consistency and leveraging economies of scale for our clients,” said BGRS’s Mark Adkins, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management.

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