BGRS Introduces Online Lump Sum Relocation Management Portal

May 12, 2016

 BGRS’s moveXpert provides full-service resources to relocating employees in a self-service tool.

Today’s business environment is built on the utilization of technology, creating an environment that is adaptable to the daily demands of people managing their professional and personal lives. Along with it, the dynamics of relocation have shifted as well. Mobility policies are now offering more flexibility, giving relocating employees greater choice in the use of lump sum move allowances.  For the employees managing their own moves with lump sums versus a more traditional management method, it’s all about using technology to help perform tasks faster.

“Millennials are a substantial part of the global workforce. As more of this generation accepts international opportunities, the expectation is that technology will contribute to easing the complexities associated with a lump sum move and ensure the overall success of their assignments,” stated John Gennaro, Vice President, Operational Governance and Support.

In the past, relocating employees were simply given a lump sum allowance for their relocation, perhaps a few links to some movers / short term housing resource options / a buddy in their new location, and sent on their way to manage priorities, tasks and budget on their own.

BGRS’s moveXpert web-based portal allows assignees’ to login from any device and browse through tailored options for lump sum management. This includes being given access to a preferred network of BGRS suppliers, pricing and discounts, resources for creating, tracking and managing the move budget, and tools to explore a destination location. It’s all the resources you could need to make the relocation process easy, smooth and as stress free as possible.

moveXpert is currently available for our US Domestic lump sum relocation only.

“moveXpert provides relocating employees the opportunity to manage all of these components in one package — with a roadmap and resources to help them through the process. We all know how stressful moving is and this platform delivers the freedom and flexibility of tapping into technology over a traditional service model for lump sum relocation,” Gennaro added.

Check out our moveXpert portal for more info!