BGRS Introduces New ReloAccess™ Identity

December 7, 2020

BGRS’s ReloAccess™ platform is the entry point to our customer experience ecosystem where the mobile employee experience unfolds.

As we continue to invest in ReloAccess™, we are expanding our digital platform to provide a guiding and frictionless customer experience for our clients, our clients’ mobile employees, supplier partners, and BGRS employees.

In that spirit of continuous innovation and reflecting the platform’s new capabilities, we are excited to introduce a new identity for ReloAccess™. It is one that reveals an image correlating with talent mobility and the guidance of a compass during our customers’ mobility journeys. The beacon indicator above the “A” signifies ReloAccess™ as the central hub for all information and interactions.

BGRS Introduces New ReloAccess™ Identity

Our new identity for ReloAccess™ reaffirms the next generation of the digital platform that is intuitive and offers robust digital capabilities to our clients’ mobile employees. A fully integrated experience allows the mobile employees to choose how and when to connect with us via phone, email, or chat, and empowers our employees to be present during the meaningful moments, specific to each move, when the mobile employees need us the most.

“We continue to invest in ReloAccess™ as the foundation for our customer experience journey,” said Joe Genautis, Chief Information Officer. “In 2020, we exceeded our commitment to a monthly delivery of features and enhancements. For example, we grew the platform’s multilingual capabilities in various languages, significantly improved client and mobile employee experience with new initiation and onboarding functionality, and made substantial strides in the area of client program data and analytics capabilities. Each series of enhancements builds upon our purpose of being by your side, looking ahead™, delivering a frictionless, integrated experience for our customers while offering powerful solutions that equip our clients with the tools needed to drive business decisions.”