BGRS Introduces Flexible Benefits Enhancements with BGRSflex™

September 8, 2020

BGRS has fully enhanced our core/flex solution to support clients with a broad range of program types, from fully flexible policies to managed lump-sums.

Many organizations are looking to increase flexibility in policy benefits provision as one of the key solutions in an age of fast-paced change and diverse employee needs. Managing flexible benefits programs was once inhibited by the complexity of administering such programs.

In 2019, BGRS initially custom-built core/flex technology for early adopters among our clients, and now with those programs operational, we have created a premium offering, BGRSflex™, to meet the growing interest in personalized approaches organizations want to implement.

BGRSflex™ enables flexibility, not just for the mobile employees, but also for the organizations looking to structure the benefits programs to fit their corporate culture, their mobility types, and most importantly, the specific needs of their workforce. The robust digital infrastructure is configurable to program objectives and organizational culture, empowering mobility stakeholders to tailor benefits and packages for individual circumstances. BGRSflex™ provides a necessary blend of ease of administration, governance and compliance requirements, and can be configured to meet the mobile employee’s needs at a very personal level.

By utilizing the digital platform, clients have access to data analytics that support understanding customer trends, forecast future utilization, and actual usage to ensure their programs remain current and fit for purpose. It also facilitates BGRS’s ability to deliver data-driven advisory support about program and policy development by capturing data on employee choices, usage, and program impact.

“BGRSflex™ supports greater choice and flexibility in service delivery with a balance of guided support enabled by the technology solution to help our clients shape the benefits programs to best fit their needs,” said Joe Genautis, Chief Information Officer. “The digital platform meets the needs of the four generations currently in the workforce with differing approaches to consuming benefits – digital, self-serve, and high touch – along with the different needs varying from millennials to boomers, all with a desire for greater flexibility.”

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For more information on BGRSflex, reach out to your BGRS representative.