BGRS Enhances Customer Experience through 24/7 Live Support

February 15, 2021

BGRS continues to expand service capabilities by enabling live customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A relocation is a stressful and vulnerable time for any mobile employee. In addition to normal job duties, mobile employees have extra move-related arrangements to manage. As an added benefit to partnering with BGRS, we now offer live customer support 24/7.

With knowledgeable support teams available at any time to assist with urgent matters and answer questions, mobile employees will always have someone to help whenever they need it – weekends included.

The integration of omni-channel support tools and our digital platform, ReloAccess™, ensures all the information around a relocation is available to all relevant BGRS staff. Our globally consistent policies, procedures, and training ensure high-quality support for an optimal customer experience.

For those mobile employees who prefer a digital, self-serve solution, ReloAccess™ displays their real-time move details with easy access to information-rich features like destination tools, our interactive timeline (ReloPlanner™), all relocation-related documentation, and more.

The introduction of 24/7 assistance contributes to our clients and their mobile employees feeling reassured and supported. It allows us to be by your side, looking ahead®, to meet the unique needs of all our mobile employees when and where they need us the most.

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