BGRS Announces Relocation Planner Launch in ReloAccess

June 24, 2019

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a dynamic new digital relocation management tool within ReloAccess, the Relocation Planner.

As BGRS continues to invest in, and reimagine our technology platform, ReloAccess, we are enabling the delivery of a customized, interactive digital experience for our clients and their mobile employees.

The Relocation Planner intuitively tracks the progress of a relocating employee’s move and delivers timely, tailored updates and task reminders as each step of a move progresses. Employees are now capable of viewing a calendar and timeline setting for a visual of the next action items for their move. Interactive and contextual support is delivered to employees through milestone tracking and self-service support options – making managing a personalized timeline and the details of a move easier than ever.

For client program managers, the Relocation Planner provides a real-time snapshot into the overall status of their employees move, including:

  • The ability to view the status of employee relocations down to the individual level
  • The option to update dates and milestones around in-house services
  • High-level aggregated process reporting
  • Deeper insights into costs and trends analysis for each step of a relocation

“The Relocation Planner functionality in ReloAccess furthers BGRS’s commitment to delivering digital technology that provides more flexibility to enhance the employee experience,” stated BGRS’s John Arcario, SVP, Global Marketing and Strategy. “It’s a dynamic tool that supports relocating employees in efficiently managing their relocation, empowering them to stay productive while on assignment,” added BGRS’s Chief Information Officer, Joe Genautis.

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